30 websites that made 2000s kids weird adults

When we were kids the internet was different.

Back then, the internet was a whole different landscape. While surfing the web without giving up, I have often found the funniest, most addicting, and weirdest corners online. Whether they know it or not, these sites have essentially shaped a generation.


Kiddo net

Kiddo Net / Via kiddonet.tumblr.com

All the cool kids were on Kiddo Net. Parents approved of the educational content, so it was easy to sit and play for hours without a break. Fortunately, most parents didn’t take a close look at the play center, which offered dozens of non-math games!


meaning girl

Going through aboutborealis.tumblr.com

Before Instagram models set the trends, we flocked to Girl Sense for all things fashion and makeup! So you can blame this site for those choppy side bangs you must have had in 7th grade …



Newgrounds / Via newgrounds.wikia.com

Something about Newgrounds sounded dangerous. You certainly didn’t want to be caught by your parents playing games like Henry Stickmin, Pico’s School, or Territory Wars. Nonetheless, the edgy content kept us coming back, which might explain why this site still exists today!



Funny Junk / Via funnyjunk.com

FunnyJunk was a competitor of Newgrounds. It was the first home of the iconic “forever alone” meme that, dare I say, changed the internet forever. He also delivered video classics like The end of the world!


Homestar Runner

The Chaps / Via brothers homestarrunner.com

If you can hear this picture, you could be a millennium. Homestar Runner was an interactive comedy website where you could watch toons and play games. The wacky cast of characters like Coach Z, The Cheat, and Strong Bad still make occasional appearances in recently uploaded videos!


The world of eBaum

eBaum’s World / Via web.archive.org

Some might call this site the original home of wet memes. If you visited eBaum’s World in the early 2000s, you were probably bombarded by the song Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Believe it or not to place stay active today!


Pretty good

Pretty good / webarchive.org / Going through web.archive.org

If you were in the mood for watching weird Flash videos then pretty good was your one stop shop. Joel Veitch, the British animator behind hits like “We Like The Moon” or “Northern Kittens”, still maintains the website today!



Twitter: @queasy_f_bby / Via Twitter: @queasy_f_bby

Formspring was a site where you could ask and answer questions from anonymous users. Naturally, as children, many abused the platform for the purpose of cyberbullying. Be careful mentioning Formspring to your Zillennial friends, as it may bring back less than pleasant memories.


Dollz mania

Dollz Mania / Via liquid- snake-official.tumblr.com

I vividly remember dressing gothic girls on Dollz Mania. During this time, I was probably wearing a Limited Too graphic t-shirt and gauchos. These pixelated dress-up characters were a staple of the early web. You knew someone was a bad bitch if their AOL avatar was created here.


Palace of the dolls

Going through whizpurr.tumblr.com

Another regularly visited dress-up site was Doll Palace. Someone put these dolls in the Smithsonian so that we never forget this important piece of the history of things.


Weebl’s stuff

Weebl / Via stuff web.archive.org

If you have already obtained the Badger Badger song stuck in your head or had a nightmare about Salad Fingers, then you must have visited Weebl’s Stuff.



Gaia online / via web.archive.org

Gaia Online was an anime social platform. You have earned Gaia Platinum by posting on forums or interacting with other users. The Gaians could spend their currency to build houses or buy fast cars. When you were kicked off the computer, you definitely went up to your room and drew an anime.



Picnic / Via web.archive.org

Before there were the VSCO girls, there were the Picnik girls. It might as well have been Photoshop in 2008. The software was straightforward – upload a photo from your flip phone, add a sticky quote, put on a filter, and post. All of your Facebook friends would be jealous of your artistic personality.

Claire Pickhardt

Sorry to my sister for blowing up her 12 year old daughter, but it was a good cut around 2009. Let it sink in.



Fanfiction / Via web.archive.org

Whether you want to admit it or not, you might have found yourself on Fanfiction.net. Fans of TV shows, movies, bands, and video game franchises have flocked here to read unofficial stories about their favorite characters. Nowadays, these stories can also be seen on the big screen. Books / Movies After and Fifty shades of Grey both started out as fanfics!



Going through saucybanter.tumblr.com

Omegle is a video and messaging website that connects you with other random users around the world. If you have already received a message, “asl?” then you’ve probably spent hours on Omegle meeting strangers online.


Make demons

Amy Winfrey / Nickelodeon / Via scissorfiends.tumblr.com

This original flash web series was discontinued in 2003 and later turned into a short lived Nickelodeon series. Make demons followed the journey of evil Vendetta, her army of demons, and sweet Charlotte who just wanted to be friends. You can still find the original webisodes and the series here!



Neopets / Via bye2k.tumblr.com

Back then, you logged into Neopets to take care of your creatures, play games, and run with the fairies. The world of Neopia even had its own economy for you to play for points and earn money. The thrill you felt spinning the Wheel of Excitement was unmatched … until Webkinz dropped his Wow Wheel.



Webkinz / Via 2000ish.tumblr.com

Webkinz were stuffed animals that you could buy and then register online. Your adopted virtual pets had houses that you could decorate with KinzCash collected by playing games. You made sure to log in every day so that you can collect your rare gems from the Arte mine and spin the wheel of Wow!



Miniclip / Via myspace0012.tumblr.com

Miniclip was an amazing corner of the Internet. There was a flash game for everyone on this site! Bubble Trouble, Raft Wars, and Crypt Raider were responsible for many missed homework assignments.

Miniclip / Via youtube.com

If you could beat this Crypt Raider level, you were a Miniclip pro.


City of Toon

Disney / toontown.com / Going through rosey-kid.tumblr.com

Toontown was an online world created by Disney in 2003. You could customize a cartoon animal and explore the world. Most of the game was spent fighting Cogs or completing ToonTasks. Everyone was jealous of the kid at school whose parents had paid for membership.


Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel / Via web.archive.org

This hotel-themed online community has always been a party. You can play maze games or socialize in different party rooms with other users. Regular Habbo players probably still remember the opening time of the pool!



StumbleUpon / Via web.archive.org

StumbleUpon was a site that sent you to a random internet destination with just one click! It was a great place to find new places to waste time.



Poptropica / Via reddit.com

Poptropica was a healthy adventure game for children. You have to jump from island to island to complete quests. Fun fact: Poptropica was created by Jeff Kinney who also wrote Diary of a weakling child!



Zwinky / Via porcelain gun.tumblr.com

If you weren’t causing any issues at the mall, you were probably walking around Zwinky. You have to transform into an avatar, dress up and explore different chat rooms.



Akinator / Via moo-moohead.tumblr.com

You might not remember Akinator, but he certainly does. This genius could literally guess anyone you can think of just by asking questions. We used to get together at sleepovers trying to surprise him with obscure characters from TV, movies, or books.



Quizilla / Via web.archive.org

Similar to Sporcle, Quizilla led the charge of taking online quizzes. You can take a quiz to find out who you should play Seven Minutes in Heaven with or spend time browsing fanfiction. The Internet has always been an exciting place!


Addictive games

Addictive Games / Via imgur.com

Addicting Games was exactly that – addicting. Hours were spent playing everything from Spank the Monkey to Fancy Pants Adventure to Max Dirt Bike. Some of these games are violent even in adulthood!



General Mills / Via sabertoothwalrus.tumblr.com

Another interesting corner of the internet was the cereal game websites. Millsberry.com was an online extension of General Mills. The arcade made us salivate for Cinnamon Toast Crunch!



Post Cereals / Via american-cobrahawk.tumblr.com

Post Cereals also had a website for kids! Honeycomb Stunt Bike, Cocoa Pebbles Boulder Dash, Waffle Boys Mountain Adventure, and Bedrock Bobsleddin ‘Blowout were some of the funniest games you could find online.


Penguin Club

Penguin Club / Via nazzstalgia.tumblr.com

Last, but not least, Club Penguin was the ultimate sucker. You would get off the bus yelling at your friends to meet you at the iceberg and spend the whole afternoon trying to tip it over. Hope someone there feeds my puffles …

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