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It can be difficult to find love when the people you love are usually as clumsy and withdrawn as you are. Fortunately, for all nerds, geeks, and gamers who want to connect with like-minded people, this doesn’t just have to happen on MMORPG servers and in game chats. Now, thanks to online dating sites. online, gamers and geeks of all kinds can find dates and even fall in love. Plus, you can avoid the hassle of eliminating all the bad dates by sticking specifically to gamer-friendly and geek-friendly dating sites and apps.

You do not know where to start ? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. In the list below, we’ll cover the best of the best dating sites for gamers, geeks, and nerds, from general inclusive sites to dedicated nerd-doms that are full of people just like you. There’s also a choice between standard sites and dating apps for mobile use, and some of the options on the list offer both. Check them out for yourself and find the ones that best suit your needs and you will be on your way to winning love once and for all.


1. EHarmony – The best is to find a Gamer Girl

2. Zoosk – Best for notoriety

3. Elitesimples – Find MD Gamer Men

4. Gamerding – Ideal for finding local connections

5. Lfgdating – Great for finding like-minded people

6. Kippoapp – Ideal for hardcore gamers

7. Soulgeek – Ideal for finding your geek soul mate

8. Dragonfruitapp – Ideal for casual player meetings

Editor’s opinion

EHarmonyBetter to find a gamer

While not exclusively dedicated to geeks and gamers, eHarmony offers a lot of potential if you’re looking for a mainstream dating site that makes it easy to hook up. You can sign up and look around without spending any money, but a subscription will be required to use messaging and other premium features. This is one of the most popular online dating sites for gamers and nerds who want long term potential, and you’ll find plenty of other geeks and gamers here if you know where to look.

ZooskBest for awareness

While not aimed directly at gamers, Zoosk offers one of the most popular options for the current generation looking to go online. Over 40 million singles use Zoosk, which is free and you can do it with Google or Facebook rather than creating a unique ID. It has a matchmaking algorithm that helps users connect and is the # 1 dating app available in the App Store.

Gamerding Ideal for finding local connections

Player Dating even looks like a dating site for players. It’s about helping people find love and build the right relationships and have fun doing it. You can easily sign up and start creating your own profile and find millions of other gamers around the world who want to casually hang out or find long term love on games of all kinds. Registration only takes a few seconds and the site makes it easy to get started. Plus, it was created for gamers, by gamers, so it stands up to everything the modern gamer expects from an online dating site. You’ll have to pay a premium membership for full access, but that offers a lot of promise.

LfgdatingGreat for finding like-minded people

Lfg dating looks a lot more like a standard dating site than most player dating platforms. It also offers the option to connect through social media instead of creating a new profile and the app is available for iOS and Android to help you get the most out of it. go on the go. This site promotes itself as the only “100% personalized premium player dating site” available on the Internet today. It’s also a great social network for gamers, so even those who just want friends can find plenty of them here. Sign up for free, view matches, and start finding your gaming soul mate no matter what you’re looking for.

KippoappIdeal for hardcore gamers

The Kippo app offers a simple interface where players can meet other players for dating, relationships, etc. The app is available for iOS and Android, and it has been rated as the best by some of the top sources. The app offers easy profile navigation and makes it easy to create your own profile. You can even choose your personality traits based on a sliding scale, create a set of profiles to explore, and more. Browsing is free and you can make lots of game connections for dating, long term love, and more.

SoulgeekIdeal for finding your geek soul mate

Soul geek is the absolute first choice for dating geeks and nerds, and if the homepage done in comic book fonts and with detailed graphics doesn’t convey it, the other features of the site surely will. There is a section where you can search for members, view photos and blogs, and more. You can sign up in minutes and search for people anywhere in the world, by location or interest, and more. It’s free to get started and nerds all over the world can call this site home. The best part? It’s 100% free for everyone to use.

DragonfruitappIdeal for casual player encounters

The Dragon fruit app is a great geek dating site that uses its own “geekdom index” to help you find people with the same kind of silly interests as you or even someone with completely different interests. The site allows To start and you can try the premium paid features right now for free, thanks to the beta being tested. It lets you choose your type of geek, connect with people locally and around the world, and find true geek love no matter what you have in mind.

The final call

All of the above mentioned dating sites for gamers, nerds, and geeks have something unique to offer. They will also change the way you find love online. We really like the Gamer dating setup for real gamers who want to make a connection. If you want free dating for geeks, Soul Geek is definitely worth a visit. Of course, all of these sites hold promise for gamers, geeks, and other nerds trying to find romantic relationships. Whether you’re a total gamer or just looking to break out, this list is a great place to start.


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