Attack On Titan Fans Think A Movie Could Be On The Horizon For The Anime’s Finale

With Attack on Titan heading towards its Season 4 finale, fans are theorizing that an animated film could be the answer to ending Eren’s story.

Attack on Titan remains one of the most popular ongoing television series in the world, anime or otherwise.

However, with the series rapidly heading towards its Season 4 finale, fans are busy anticipating what the final episodes will have in store.

Now there is a new theory dominating the global conversation; this attack on titan might develop an anime movie to complete the story, instead of rushing to cover the remaining manga chapters in the later episodes.

Attack on Titan | Last season part 2 | official trailer

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Attack on Titan | Last season part 2 | official trailer





Attack on Titan’s Finale Will Be Delayed

Fans think an Attack on Titan animated movie could be in the works as the Season 4 finale has been delayed.

Episode 87 (Season 4 Episode 28) was originally scheduled to air on March 27and. However, the official Japanese website for the series has confirmed that the season finale will be delayed for a week, moving the release to April 3rd.

According to Shingeki.tvthe final has been suspended for a “special organizational event”, but at this time there is no information on what this event will be.

Interestingly, fans are now theorizing that this is the first hint that Attack on Titan could end with a massive final movie, and not season 4 of the TV series.

Fans think a movie could end Attack on Titan

The second potential “clue” for a final Attack on Titan movie comes from the idea that there might be a big announcement going on ahead of the now rescheduled final airing.

This is because the franchise will feature a special sign as part of the AnimeJapan event on March 27and – the original broadcast date of the season 4 finale.

Between the delay of the series finale and the following panel at AnimeJapan, many fans believe that Season 4 won’t end by fully adapting the manga series and leaving enough source material for an anime movie.

Interestingly, calls for a final animated film have been backed by the “Game of Thrones trap”, as noted ScreenRant. From this perspective, Attack on Titan could be rushing to fully adapt the entire source material, leaving fans unsatisfied and the legacy tarnished.

As explained by ScreenRant, recent episodes have felt “suspiciously transitional,” meaning content has been focused to fill in time as we get closer to the season finale. Add to that the fact that the Attack on Titan manga ending was not well received by the global community, it might encourage MAPPA to take matters into their own hands.

Remaining manga chapters

The Attack on Titan manga ended on April 9and2021, with the release of Chapter 139 in Japan.

According to the official Fandom page, episode 83 “Pride” adapted the entirety of chapter 126 in the original manga, which was also titled “Pride”.

This means that there are 13 chapters It remains to adapt, but there are only four episodes scheduled as part of season 4!

The fourth season has made a habit of fitting around one chapter each episode, so where will MAPPA speed up its content and complete Attack on Titan in four episodes? Maybe, but it’s starting to feel like there will be enough chapters left for a final Colossal feature.

“Five episodes might not be long enough to do justice to the ending of Isayama’s manga, but five episodes and a movie feels much more doable. Those extra minutes should be enough time to fight a visually stunning final battle, cover all the necessary time-twisting exposure created by Eren’s possession of the Founding Titan, and honor the personal arcs of each main character. – Craig Elvy, via ScreenRant.

Follow the anime trend

A final animated film for the Attack on Titan storyline would also be a positive move from a business standpoint.

The animated feature film trend is well and truly back in the global industry; catalyzed by the success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train in 2020.

This film has grossed over $500 million worldwide box desktop and was followed by feature film announcements for My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball Super, and Black Clover among many others.

“Many assume that the movie will be announced at this panel. If so, would the April 3 episode be to be this movie, or just drive to it? At least the panel will definitely tell us if the series will end with a movie or not. -Kristen Carey The Mary Sue.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

In other news, Attack on Titan fans theorize a movie could be on the horizon for the anime’s finale

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