Bank loan for debt consolidation

Offense, installments, installments and even installments to be paid every month! The installment for the financing of the motorbike, the TV, the car and the loan for the renovation of the home bathroom, all tasks that must be managed and that weigh heavily on the family budget. What to do? How to restructure all these debts and maybe have new liquidity for that project that you put in the drawer for lack of funds?

The answer is there, it is called Banco Posta loan for debt consolidation . This loan is specifically structured to group the various monthly installments into a single solution so as to eliminate all those boring recurring tasks. Not only that, thanks to the loan for consolidation you can restructure the debt itself by lengthening its overall maturity so as to lower the total installment and have more resources to face other expenses.

Yes you got it right, this financing can – if managed correctly – be the solution to your problems and if your old loans are largely paid, you could even have economic benefits in case the interest rates are lower than those that you are paying now. Ready to find out all the details? Perfect, take 5 minutes and find out how Poste Italiane’s offer works.

Characteristics of the Bankate debt consolidation loan

Characteristics of the Bankate debt consolidation loan

Who is it recommended for? The product is recommended for all those who have different financing in progress and who no longer want to think about the various expiration dates and pay different interest rates. In fact, the underwriters appreciated the possibility of cumulating the whole and thus obtaining a single loan with an easy installment. In addition, this is recommended for both permanent employees and freelancers or self-employed workers with demonstrable income.

The general characteristics of the product include:

  • Amounts payable : up to 50 thousand euros
  • Loan duration : 96 months
  • Refund method: monthly installments
  • Insurance: optional

The product dedicated to all postal customers has specific characteristics, which we are now going to see together.

Who can request it

Bankate Consolidazione is a personal loan that can be requested following specific requirements, namely:

  • Permanent employment contract in the public or private sector
  • Self-employment or freelance income
  • Retirement income produced in Italy
  • Residence in Italy
  • No reporting to CRIF or Protest

Requested documents

The documents to access the product are:

  • Valid identity card
  • Fiscal Code
  • Last two payslips
  • Single income from self-employed or self-employed
  • Loan documents in progress

Fundable amounts

Holders of a Bankate account can request from 3000 thousand euros up to a maximum of 50 thousand. Those who have an Ordinary Nominative Postal Savings Book, on the other hand, can apply for a minimum of 3 thousand euro and a maximum of 30 thousand.

Calculation of the debt consolidation installment

The calculation of the installment is not possible online, in fact there are no tools dedicated to this specific product. To request a quote you need to go directly to the nearest post office, which will create a specific plan for the customer. If you want to get an idea of ​​the financing, you can read our example here.

Funding example

If you want to have an idea of ​​how much the monthly payment could be, I give you an example of the financing.

Required amount Installments number Interest applied Total to be refunded
$ 18,000 90 Fixed TAN 7.90 APR 8.24 $ 23,945

Interest: as seen in the financing example above, the interest rates applied are on average competitive. The APR – Annual Global Effective Rate – is 8.24%. Before joining the Bankate loan, we recommend that you also evaluate other offers or promotions from other banks or financial companies.


The duration of the loan ranges from a minimum of 2 years and up to a maximum of 96 months.


Insurance is not mandatory , so if you want you can save on management costs by not taking out any policy. Optionally, however, you can choose to subscribe the ProteggiPrestito product, which with slight monthly payments, allows you to protect your financing.

Accreditation methods, delivery times and refund methods

The loan is credited for Bankate customers by direct payment to the current account. For holders of a registered postal savings account, this occurs with non-transferable bank drafts, or in cash up to a maximum of 10 thousand euros.

The disbursement of the Bankate loan has very short waiting times, sometimes 24/48 hours from the moment the loan is approved.

The repayment must be made in monthly installments debited directly from the Bankate account. Customers who have applied for the loan with the passbook must repay it with monthly postal slips.

Bankate Consolidation loan reviews

Bankate Consolidation loan reviews

In general, users who subscribed to the Bankate Consolidation loan expressed a positive opinion, as it allows to obtain in a short time the amount necessary to cover the various loans in progress, thus creating a single installment that is easier and more manageable.

The advantages appreciated by users: those who have chosen this product have greatly appreciated the possibility of accessing the loan simply and quickly , without the need to carry too many documents, or follow an excessively complex procedure. Although it is not possible to make an online request, many have indicated that the fact of being able to make an appointment with the office and the possibility of going there on Saturday morning as a point in favor.

Product considerations: Ultimately, this loan has several advantages both for the rates applied and for the fast request process. A positive side is also given by its purpose which helps to accumulate the various ongoing loans in a single installment. If we have to trace small flaws we can note: the inability to simulate or request the product online, and the fact that it is reserved only for postal customers.