Best Sites to Watch Anime Online (And What You Can Watch)

Anime is an ever-expanding medium with thousands of titles spanning multiple genres. Although it was rare to spot anime fans in the past, currently the popularity of the medium has skyrocketed resulting in a large fan base. Therefore, several companies and organizations have sprung up to make the anime viewing experience easier and comfortable for the masses.

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Some anime fans might be more familiar with free and legally dodgy streaming sites that have a large database of anime to choose from, but these are usually filled with ads and redirects everywhere you click. The most comfortable options, in most cases, are mostly ad-free legal sites with reputable licenses and additional features designed to enhance your viewing experience. Although they generally require payment for the full range of their services, the costs are relatively cheap and they provide quality services. With that in mind, anime franchise fans can use these sites to stream their favorite anime.


10/10 RetroCrush

  • Price: Free

  • Genres: Mecha, Comedy, Psychological, Drama and more.

The anime available on RetroCrush are largely represented by the name of the service. It mainly features anime classics from the 1990s and late 2000s, such as; Urusei Yatsura, Hajime No Ippoand Grandmaster Onizuka. Although they are free, they have a premium option that allows you to browse the platform without encountering any advertisements.

It consists mostly of anime and movie originals, but it offers an experience that can hardly be found elsewhere. It also has many titles available in dub for those who prefer not to follow the subtitles.

9/10 AsianCrush

  • Price: Free

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Historical, etc.

AsianCrush is a free service with a very similar design to RetroCrush. It also offers similar packages in terms of premium, but the content is, in fact, different. AsianCrush focuses more on media that encompasses all Asian entertainment, which means apart from anime, it includes k-dramas and other popular series from the continent.

The anime offered on AsianCrush are pretty hit and miss, with many of them being old shows that can be considered classics. The service lets you watch them from your browser, app, and many other platforms.


  • Price: $4.99 per month.

  • Genres: Fantasy, Slice of Life, Romance, etc.

HIDIVE is a streaming service that offers both simulcasts and DUBCAST™ on their platform. Simulcast, i.e. shows that air at the same time as they air on Japanese TV, while DUBCAST™ represents the dubbed alternatives that air in English a few weeks later.

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Their titles are also viewable on a wide range of devices such as; smartphones, televisions, web browsers, streaming devices and game consoles. Also, they provide detailed descriptions of new anime released in a specific season and offer helpful categories that help you find the right one for you.

7/10 VRV

  • Price: $9.99 per month.

  • Genres: Shonen, Seinen, Shojo and more.

VRV is a great anime website with a large catalog of shows to choose from; however, it is only available in the United States. It offers three channels, namely Crunchyroll, Mondo, and VRV Select, with Crunchyroll being the designated one for the anime. It’s also not a strictly paid service, as you can watch content for free. They also offer a 30-day free trial, giving you an extended time to browse their website and see if it’s right for you.

You can access some of the most popular anime on this site as their library is directly linked to Crunchyroll. You can also take your favorite shows offline and watch them even without an internet connection.

6/10 Tubi TV

  • Price: Free.

  • Genres: Action, Fantasy, etc.

Tubi TV also offers services that are not strictly for anime fans, but offer all the popular anime you want to watch for free. In exchange for their services, however, viewers may have to accept a few commercials, but it’s still extremely convenient.

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It is available in multiple regions and allows you to stream shows on multiple devices and platforms. Once logged in, you can also create a list of anime you want to remember, which can help you because there are many shows on the medium.

5/10 Amazon Prime Video

  • Price: $14.99 per month

  • Genres: Fantasy, Psychological, Mecha, & more

Amazon Prime Video can be overshadowed by its larger competitors at times, but it’s still a great site where you can access many of your favorite anime. The pricing system allows you to rent anime for usually between $2.99 ​​and $3.99, while you can also choose to buy it for $14.99. There are also other titles and movies that you can access as long as you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Its library includes classics as well as popular movies and recent titles. In addition, they offer a 30-day free trial for the main membership, which gives you access to a large section of their catalog and other series-exclusive packages.

4/10 Hulu

  • Price: 6.99 per month.

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, etc.

Hulu is a strong presence in the streaming industry, with connections to both Disney and Sony. It features popular anime and anime movies such as demon slayer, A punchand Akira. It is easily accessible and offers different plans put together with the aim of making the viewing experience of the site comfortable for different people.

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They also offer simulcasts and recent dubs, as well as other categories for people with specific preferences. Although some long-running anime on the site are featured with incomplete episodes, it makes up for it with a large library and plenty of other shows to choose from.

3/10 netflix

  • Price: $9.99 per month

  • Genres: action, science fiction, dark fantasy and others.

netflix is arguably the most popular streaming service in the world. They are renowned not only for their huge collection of live action titles but also for their anime, some of which are even called Netflix originals. While using their service you can watch anime like Vinland Saga, crybaby devilman, Beastarsand much more.

They also have some handy options that allow you to download your favorite shows, skip anime openings, share with your friends, stream to other devices, and many more.

2/10 Funimation

  • Price: $7.99 per month.

  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance and others.

Funimation is one of the oldest anime streaming services, and it has done well to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the anime industry. It started as a dubbing and distribution service primarily involved with East Asian media and has been working with anime ever since. Although much of its library is shared with Crunchyroll as of March 2022, it’s still a great site to watch various anime.

It features classics like Dragon Ball Zpopular novels like Toradora, and interesting isekai like Suzerain. Additionally, their shows are divided into categories that make it easier for viewers to choose what they want, and they offer voiceovers for almost all of their titles.

1/10 Crunchyroll

  • Price: $7.99 per month

  • Genres: Action, Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, etc.

Renowned as the largest anime library in the world, Crunchyroll is almost always the first name that comes to mind when you think of unrestricted anime content. They have offices around the world and have a news page that keeps their subscribers up to date with all the latest shows.

They also have over a thousand anime series with over thirty thousand episodes combined. Unlike some of the other streaming services mentioned earlier, they constantly track long-running shows and are bound to have your favorite titles no matter what you like. Naturally, they stream both dubbed and subtitled while also having their own anime originals, which they started releasing in 2020.

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