Chapelwaite Season 2 in development at Epix

Evil never rests, it seems. Epix has announced that they are in development on a second season of Chapelwaite. Inspired by Stephen Kingthe little story Jerusalem lotthe series was initially conceived as a limited series, but we all know that kind of statement can change in no time in the face of popularity.

Set in the mid-19th century, before the events of King’s popular novel Salem Bundle, Chapelwaite follows Captain Charles Boone (Adrian Brody) as he moves into a new home with his three children. Faced with the locals’ superstition about the Chapelwaite mansion and their hatred for the Boone family, Charles hires budding writer Rebecca Morgan (Emily Hampshire) to help her take care of the mansion, an opportunity which the young woman believes will allow her to chronicle the life of the cursed family. Instead, Charles and Rebecca become entangled in an old mystery as they uncover the mansion’s secrets and uncover an ancient cult that worships beings who live deep underground.


Since the first season of Chapelwaite adapted the events of Lo of Jerusalemyou, season 2 should chart its own course beyond King’s literary work. According to Epix, Season 2 of Chapelwaite will continue to explore how the evil De Vermis Mysteriis retained its power after the events of the first season, drawing a new generation of vampires to the cursed place. Additionally, the upcoming season will also continue to explore the curse of the Boones, which fans thought was lifted in the season one finale.

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Pierre Filardi and Jason Filardi wrote, executive produced and served as showrunners for Chapelwaitethe first season. The series is also produced by Donald DeLine. The cast of season 1 is also included Jennifer Ens, Sirena Gulamgaus, Ian Ho, Gord Rand, Trina Corkhumand Genevieve DeGraves. No information about returning cast members has been announced.

While Chapelwaite adapts the story from the prequel Jerusalem lotthere is also a film adaptation of Salem Bundle in production by Gary Daubemanwho writes, directs and produces the feature film, with the producers James Wan and Michael Clair for Atomic Monster, Marc Wolperand Roy Lee for Vertigo. First slated to hit theaters on September 9, the upcoming Salem Bundle the adaptation cast includes Jean Benjamin Hickey, Alfred Woodard, Lewis Pullmann, Makenzie Leigh, Spencer treats Clark, Bill Campand Pilou Asbaek.

Season 1 of Chapelwaite is streaming now on Epix.

Sophie Thatcher in yellow vests
“The Boogeyman”: Sophie Thatcher and Chris Messina in the cast of the Stephen King adaptation

Just one of many King adaptations produced in 2022.

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