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Located on the famous “Tower 11” of the racecourse, COTA will create approximately 178 condominium apartments on 22 acres of land in partnership with real estate firm Lincoln Property Company. Presale reservations for the units began on Wednesday and the project hopes to start in late spring 2022.

The 340,000 square foot space will feature a 7,000 square foot amenity center with a swimming pool, pavilion, conference center, outdoor barbecues and more.

The luxury condominiums will be located next to the famous COTA (Lincoln Property Company) Turn 11

Customers can design their space, which can range from 1,300 square feet to over 6,000 square feet, as they wish. In other projects, Lincoln Property’s JR Gideon has seen condominium owners add machine shops, basketball hoops, bars, music studios and more.

“They are really used to store luxury cars as well as to house,” said Gideon. “You can do just about anything in there except live.”

Think of the ultimate man’s cave, although that word isn’t entirely appropriate – according to Gideon, some clients have also made reservations for the project.

“I think our population will be mostly male, yes, but we’ve had a few female reserve units already, which is great,” Gideon said.

In addition to having space at the edge of the track, Gideon said that owning a condo offers other perks, including 20% ​​off COTA events. More importantly, these car enthusiasts want to see their cars on the track, which the team is already planning.

“If you want to have your nice cars on the track, you want to know if you’re going to be able to get them out there,” Gideon said. “Right now I’m planning two full weekends on the track for owners to get their cars on the track.”

Commercialization of the project has just started and almost all of the clients so far have been from Texas and / or the Austin area. But Gideon and his team are expecting a lot of interest from domestic customers as well as some international buyers as the only F1 circuit in the United States with trackside car condos.

There could be a hitch in the plan, however. COTA’s 10-year contract for F1 expired last weekend and no new deals have been finalized yet. But COTA chairman Bobby Epstein feels confident in a contract renewal, especially after the biggest sporting weekend yet. Lincoln’s Gideon and Seth Johnston are not involved in the contract negotiations, but say there are plenty of attractions at COTA outside of the United States Grand Prix.

And with America’s newfound interest in F1 – Gideon, like many others, partly credits Netflix’s “Drive To Survive” series – the crew is confident that there will be more projects like this to come. the future.

“With the release of (Drive To Survive) over the last couple of years and so many people watching the race past, I think there is certainly a lot of momentum around the Circuit of the Americas and this project as well as ‘other future developments at COTA,’ says Gédéon.

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