Cygames, PA Works’ Akiba Maid War Anime Reveals More Cast, Oct. 6 Debut on Video – Up News Info

The official site of Cygames and sound works‘original tv anime Akiba Maid War (Akiba Meido Sensō) released the anime’s full promotional video and key visual on Friday. The video reveals more cast and the October 6 premiere date for the anime.

The video above presents the anime as an “adult-oriented maid job anime”, as well as “censored” scenes, and notes that the anime will “somehow” premiering October 6 on the Tokyo-MX, BS11, KBS Kyotoand Sun Television canals.

New cast members include:

Minami Tanaka like Yumechi, a “good ace” whose twin tails are her distinct feature

Tomoyo Kurosawa as Shiipon, a gyaru housekeeper who is too laid back with customers, but is friendly and popular

Ayahi Takagaki as a cafe manager, a natural troublemaker who constantly gets involved in something

Previously announced cast members include:

queen kondo as Nagomi Kazuhira, a woman who moves to Tokyo and dreams of becoming a cutie maid in Akihabara

Rina Satou as Ranko Kazutoshi, a long-absent former maid from Akihabara

“Kedamono Land Management Strategy Room” is credited with the anime’s original artwork. Soichi Masui (Chaika the Princess of the Coffin, Sakura Quest, Rascal doesn’t dream of Bunny Girl Senpai) directs the anime to sound works. Yoshihiro Hiki oversees the scripts for the series, Manabu Nii (The day I became God, Twin Kakegurui, Hina Logic – from Chance & Logic) is the character designer and chief animation director, and Yoshihiro Ike (tiger and rabbit, ErgoProxy2019 Dororo) composes the music to Cygames.

Other staff include:

The staff has yet to reveal a story for the anime.

Sources: Akiba Maid War anime website

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