Delicious In Dungeon: The Popular Monster-Eating Manga Is Finally Made To Anime

An anime adaptation of Ryoku Kui’s popular Dungeon Meshi / Delicious in Dungeon manga has been announced, featuring a official site and Twitter account.

The new series will adapt the story from the Manga, where an RPG-style group of dungeon-crawling adventurers attempt to make their final journey as cheap and efficient as possible, foregoing supplies and doing their best to turn the monsters they find. ‘they fight in edible treats. . The series also features detailed recipes for each of the adversaries the characters encounter.

The anime’s airdate hasn’t been announced yet, but there’s some lovely artwork showing the main characters huddled over a meal, being stalked by monsters in the dark.

Teaser art for the animated adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon. (Image credit: Studio Trigger)

The anime will be produced by famed Studio Trigger, known for Kill la Kill, Promare, and upcoming Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

Previously, Studio Trigger produced an anime-style commercial for the manga’s 8th volume, which generated huge interest from fans to see them do a full adaptation. This may give us an idea of ​​what the anime might look like, and you can watch it in the tweet below:

Dungeon Meshi started in February 2014 and by August 2017 the first 4 volumes have been printed in over 2 million copies. It was ranked number one for male readers in 2016 This manga is amazingof the ranking, the result of 400 manga professionals voting for their favorites.

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