Do it yourself!! Anime Promo Videos Spotlight Shii and Jobko E! News UK

The official site of PINE JAMThe original television anime titled Do it yourself!! revealed two character promo videos on Thursday featuring Shii and Jobko.



The main cast includes (from left to right starting with the top row in the image above):

The anime will get an early screening of the first two episodes on September 18 at Shinjuku Forest 9. The actors will be present.

The anime will be released in 2022. Crunchyroll will stream the anime as it airs in Japan. Crunchyroll screened the first episode at the beginning of the Crunchyroll Expo event, which took place from August 5 to 7.

Yuka Okamoto (Gleipnir, princess resurrection) directs the art, and Ryōhei Sataka (Gleipnir, Pucchimiku D4DJ Small Mix, free the spy) of Hifumi, Inc. compose the music. Building materials manufacturer Takagi is the “official partner” and Takagi’s hometown of Sanjō in Niigata Prefecture is the “official supporter”.

The anime follows the daily lives of six high school girls as they face difficulties working on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects in the city of Sanjō, western Japan.

Kazuhiro Yoneda (Gleipnir, Hozuki’s composure seasons 2 and 3, Yona of dawn, Kageki Shojo!!) directs the anime to PINE JAM. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (black clover, Dropkick on my devil!) writes and oversees scripts for the series, and Yuusuke Matsuo (Encouragement to climb, The [email protected] cinderella girls) is the character’s creator. IMAGO and Pictures of Avex are credited with the original work.

Sources: Do it yourself!! anime website, comedic Natalie

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