EPIX announces its list of docu-series and programs in development

A scene from the first season of ‘From’ (Photo courtesy of EPIX)

EPIX spotlighted a four-part documentary about female musicians and a docuseries exploring the true history of the Amityville Horror house. Michael Wright, President of EPIX, also announced NFL Icons the second season has been greenlit and will feature NFL legends including Walter Payton, Troy Aikman, Jimmy Johnson and Cris Carter.

Wright made the announcement of EPIX’s upcoming lineup and development slate during the Television Critics Association’s Winter 2022 press tour. The presentation also confirmed a February 20 premiere date for the sci-fi/horror series. From and an April 24 premiere date for the first season of Billy the kid.

“I’m incredibly proud of the premium programming that EPIX continues to produce,” Wright said. “women who rock, The Amityville Murders and the second season of NFL Icons follow in the footsteps of acclaimed docuseries like Laurel Canyon, Punk and Mr. A and Mr. M: The History of A&M Recordsand they exemplify our brand promise to create high-profile, thought-provoking programming with the best storytellers in the industry.

Details on EPIX’s Greenlit docuseries:

Women Who Rock (Docuseries)
women who rock is a four-part docuseries that pays homage to the legion of female music pioneers who stormed the stage, wielded their instruments, amplified their voices, and sang the soundtrack to our lives. Celebrating female artists, in their own words, about power, fame, truth, challenge, artistic expression, hard-earned success and, most importantly, the ideas and stories behind their anthemic music. With guest appearances from Nancy Wilson, Chaka Khan, Pat Benatar, Mavis Staples, Sheila E, Macy Gray, Rickie Lee Jones, Norah Jones, Aimee Mann, Tori Amos, Kate Pierson (B52s), Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club ) and Nona Hendrix.

NFL Icons Season 2 (Documentary Series)
What defines an icon? From the NFL FILMS vault in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, a documentary series features NFL icons and Hall of Fame players, coaches and changemakers. Each hour-long, single-topic film brings together decades of archival interviews and highlights. Covering the icon’s career, the series dives deep into the critical decisions, plays and personality that have defined their legacy and the game of football.

Season 2 icons will include: Walter Payton, Troy Aikman, Jimmy Johnson, Cris Carter and many more, while Season 1 will feature: Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Joe Namath, Brett Favre, Vince Lombardi, Jerome Bettis, Steve Sabol and Marcus Allen.

The realization of a haunting; The Amityville Murders (Docuseries)
This four-part docuseries is based on the world’s most famous scary story: The Amityville Horror. Today it’s literally the first result if you Google “haunted house”. And yet, what the public knows about this case is only what the books and movies have told them. What they don’t know is that there’s a real murder behind the haunting story, and then there’s the supernatural tale of unexplained horrors that have haunted visitors to this property for years to come. .

EPIX development list:


Chapelwaite Season 2
Based on Stephen King’s short story “Jerusalem’s Lot”, Chaplewaite the second season continues as a terrifying reimagining of classic gothic horror that chronicles one family’s battle against an ancient and lingering evil. We’ll learn that the Boone curse didn’t die with Jakub, and despite Charles’ selfless act at the end of season one, De Vermis Mysteriis remains as powerful as ever and as alluring to a new generation of vampires.

Domina Season 2
dominatrix chronicles the struggle for control of the Roman Empire in the wake of Caesar’s death from a rare female perspective. Livia Drusilla, the golden daughter of the prominent Claudii family, has returned to Rome after ten years of exile, determined to find all that was stolen from her. Now, at the pinnacle of a turbulent empire, she must fight to preserve her marriage to Caesar Augustus and find a way to seat one of her sons on the throne as new and old rivals jockey for a position in a world where it is impossible to know who to trust.

Hotel Cocaine
Blue skies and bikinis. Sex and sand. Bullets and blow. This is the story of Roman Compte, Cuban exile, CIA agent and general manager of the Mutiny Hotel, the glamorous epicenter of Miami’s cocaine scene in the late 70s and early 80s. The Mutiny Hotel was Casablanca on cocaine, a glitzy nightclub, restaurant and hotel frequented by Florida businessmen and politicians, international narcos, CIA and FBI agents, models, sports stars and musicians – especially the up-and-coming Latin artists who came from South America with their instruments and four kilos of cocaine in their suitcases, and Compte was at the center, doing his best to keep it all going and realizing his own American dream.

black harvest
Paris, 1952: A popular and provocative black American author and his equally talented, yet untold girlfriend, arrive with the intention of attending the Pan-African conference and taking a break from American racism, only to find themselves in the middle of a series of kidnappings and murders of black men. What at first appear to be casualties of the drug-infused underground jazz scene end up part of something much larger with potentially global consequences in this sleek noir.

American classic
In this half-hour comedy, Broadway star and notorious narcissist Richard Bean (Kevin Kline) suffers a spectacular public meltdown and returns to his small hometown and family theater where he first became aware of his own genius. When he arrives, he is shocked to find that his father, the former artistic director, has sunk into puppet-filled dementia, and the once-respected theater run by his brother (Jon Tenney) and his wife (now town mayor) has become, out of necessity, a low-rent dinner theater serving roast beef and detective stories. He decides to save the city, the theater and the world by presenting a great American classic on the café-théâtre stage, staged and performed, of course, by himself.

Condor Season 3
Settled in his role as the CIA’s overseas case officer, Joe Turner became a foot soldier in the Agency’s Cold War against China over Africa’s important natural resources. But when conflict erupts in his little corner of the continent, Joe must stop the proxy war from turning into World War III, even at the cost of what’s left of his soul.

Tails of a London Dog-Walker
A half-hour comedy-drama based on the memoir London’s number one dog walking agency by Kate MacDougall. Amélie meets Bridget Jones through New Girl… with dogs. We follow dog-walker extraordinaire Kate through her magical world of perfect (and not-so-perfect) pooches and disastrous dates, while discovering who she really is.


Docuseries music fans have been waiting a long time – for a definitive portrayal of the artist from the artists’ perspective, examining their story in their own words and songs. Combining the most effective and evocative aspects of shows such as MTV Unplugged, Austin City Limits and Behind the Music, SESSIONS will provide a front row seat for an incredible concert. This four-part series will also weave behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and archival documents transporting us back in time, uncovering the careers of artists past and present, capturing their continued relevance and the indelible mark that they left on global culture.

black hollywood
Based on the book by historian Donald Bogle, this four-part docuseries will be the definitive chronicle and re-examination of a century of black experience in Hollywood. From Black Face to Black Power, we’ll tell the epic story of the actors, writers, directors and producers who fought for their place on screen. This groundbreaking Black Hollywood series is the definitive account of the on-screen black experience – as vital and essential as Ken Burns’. Jazz and Eyes on the Prize.

San Francisco Sounds (working title)
From the team behind the three-time Emmy-nominated documentary Laurel Canyoncome Sounds of San Francisco, a two-part documentary series that captures the spirit of the San Francisco music scene from 1966 to 1976, where a progressive new sound embracing the psychedelic and protest movements emerging from the Bay Area was born. Framed by four of the most defining musical events in history, Monterey Pop, Altamont, Woodstock and The Last Waltz, the series is expected to include artists such as The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Sly and the Family Stone, Janis Joplin with Big Brother and holding company, Santana, Moby Grape, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding and Steve Miller.

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