Executive Spotlight: Mike McGovern, Vice President of Business Development at Day & Zimmermann Government Services

Mike McGovern, Vice President of Business Development at Day & Zimmermann Government Services, recently spoke with ExecutiveBiz about his first year with the company as well as his strategic goals for growing his government business and how his team diversifies into the very tough and competitive federal sector. market during the last Executive Spotlight interview.

You can read the full interview with Mike McGovern below.

ExecutiveBiz: After celebrating your first anniversary, what can you say about your reasons for joining Day & Zimmerman Government Services, and what they look like now?

Mike McGovern: “The two main reasons I joined Day & Zimmermann were the people and the mission. I quickly saw that we had a talented and incredibly passionate team of people dedicated to serving a noble and essential mission.

I recently completed my one year anniversary and it continues to be true. I gained a better understanding of our business and appreciated our people who support the United States national security mission around the world.

Our D&Z Statement of Purpose says it best: “We put people to work, we protect our freedoms, and we help our customers power and improve the world.” This is true in our integrated security, architecture and engineering, and operations and maintenance business areas serving the US government and its partners.

I remain excited to have an impact on the diversification and growth of this business. »

ExecutiveBiz: What are your strategic goals with Day and Zimmerman and where have you focused your attention in the market?

Mike McGovern: “In addition to learning our business and collaborating with the management team to strengthen our strategy, the focus has been on people relationships. It starts with the business development team that I have the honor of leading.

A major priority has been working with the talented team I joined, as well as recruiting new people aligned with our vision, strategy, culture and values. We also need to arm them with the right tools to succeed; this includes their personal development.

We have made training a major priority this year. Investing in the skills and knowledge of our team is something I strongly believe in.

ExecutiveBiz: What critical issues does D&Z Government Services address?

Mike McGovern: “Across Day & Zimmermann, we are focused on four strategic opportunities:

1.) win the talent war

2.) create intimacy with the customer

3.) Maintain Base

4.) diversification

These four pillars extend to our government services business and our growth strategy. Starting with the Talent War, it all starts with our most valuable resource: our people.

As we have navigated through common industry challenges resulting from the pandemic, we are constantly looking for ways to better interact with our teams.— safely, by seeking diversity and inclusion in our talents, but also in the solutions we develop.

For customer intimacy, we have intensified our account planning and customer engagement. It has been refreshing for all of us to get out and meet our clients in person and discuss ways to support their missions; this also applies to our main trading partners. To achieve growth, it is essential to start by maintaining the base – and one of the main ways to achieve this is to improve the performance of existing contracts.

We have supported the Department of Energy for 75 years and are a leader in securing the research and development of special Category I nuclear materials that support the nation’s nuclear deterrent.

We provide 24/7 security operations and emergency services solutions for five DoE sites, ensuring the protection of personnel, equipment and facilities. We are proud to have recently received a two-year extension as sole supplier at one of these critical sites — in part thanks to our outstanding performance.

This success directly led to other opportunities and gains in an adjacent DoE organization for our systems integration business. We also won a key new competition to continue providing high-risk security services for the State Department, protecting the US Embassy in Jerusalem and assets throughout the West Bank and Gaza.

Based on over two decades of exceptional support on multiple design projects—and by proposing an innovative approach,—Our architectural and engineering firm, Mason & Hanger, recently received two task orders that will further enhance the FBI’s training capability at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

From a growth perspective, we have a number of diversification efforts underway, addressing both new accounts and new capabilities. »

ExecutiveBiz: Tell us about how you are diversifying your business and your success to date.

Mike McGovern: “D&Z has supported The Intelligence Community for many years –provide high threat security, explosive detection dogs, cyber security, authorized staffing services, security design, architecture and engineering.

Opportunities exist to bring these offers to new accounts across CI. We have brought in talent with decades of IC experience to help and open the door to the capabilities we can bring to this set of customers.

One such area is our systems integration services. We have had recent success with a series of contract awards to provide site surveys, systems engineering, logistics and installation of security solutions in some very austere overseas environments.

This offering truly brings together the strengths of our entire organization, including engineering, physical security and cybersecurity, logistics and supply chain management, life support, as well as operations and maintenance, while working in high-risk OCONUS regions.

D&Z also provides integration services for the federal and state corrections/prisoners market in the area of ​​managed access to illegal cellular devices.

We successfully sold an innovative offering to several correctional facilities and continued to invest in building an additional set of contraband phone detection and location offerings through strong technology partnerships. These abilities and many more are marketed from the IC.

We are also diversifying through our relationships with our partners. D&Z leads a consortium of cybersecurity companies, bringing together the talent and expertise of complementary companies to meet the emerging needs of our collective customers.

This includes joint ventures with companies that complement and enhance our combined services, with a strong partnership working as one team to support integrated safety and aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul opportunities and within our A&E portfolio.

ExecutiveBiz: So, has anything surprised you since joining D&Z?

Mike McGovern: “Actually, yes. We are very well known in the high-risk security, architecture and engineering markets. Our qualifications and reputation are just as strong. is that we are lesser known in several areas where we are doing quite well, serving as a silent hand supporting the Mission for many decades.

For example, with our systems integration expertise and capabilities, and strong talent, we are well positioned to provide significantly enhanced support to our customers with new solutions against emerging security threats—who will continue to develop in this field.

Our combination of mission support capabilities, with security as a common thread, brings tremendous value to our customers looking for a trusted resource to meet their complex challenges in the face of these ever-evolving threats.

Another example is that we have been providing global logistics and life support services for almost two decades—especially in the harshest and most austere environments.

We have continually assessed the risks, built the solutions, and succeeded in supporting our customers where many companies choose not to go —again, this sets us apart as a reliable resource for ensuring safe operations.

ExecutiveBiz: As we closely follow the Russia-Ukraine conflict, how is D&Z preparing for ongoing efforts with U.S. allies to support Ukraine?

Mike McGovern: “First, we’ve supported the United States’ national security mission on thousands of projects, in 165 countries. Our unwavering support for the Mission continues and will not change.

We are ready to meet development needs in Ukraine and neighboring European countries —coordination with US government, industry partners and directly with national agencies.

We have a strong knowledge of working in Eastern Europe, having supported and designed a number of US Government installations in many countries across Europe, including Ukraine.

We believe we are well positioned both during the conflict and the reconstruction that followed. We’ve leaned forward, added resources to execute, and pride ourselves on meeting the requirements already.

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