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February 18, 2022 by Asher Gold

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A proclamation formalizing a strategic partnership between the Harry Oscar Triguboff Institute and the Shalom Hartman Institute was signed this week at a ceremony held at the Hartman Campus in Jerusalem.

Harry Triguboff (2nd left) Photo: Hila Shiloni

The resulting Center for Judaism and State Policy will promote a pluralistic agenda on issues of state and religion through public advocacy, applied research, and public campaigning on specific issues.

Based on the Jerusalem campus of the Shalom Hartman Institute, the Center for Judaism and the State brings together the activities of various institutions under one roof and serves as a powerful body for policy research and advocacy. It provides tools to support Knesset members, policymakers and activists who strive to make an impact through legislation and grassroots activism.

“Our shared vision is that the Judaism and State Policy Center will work toward a reality in which all state policies touching on issues of Judaism and the state are consistent with the vision of Israel as a Jewish state and democratic, and will be based on the values ​​of common and mutual responsibility among all Israeli citizens, all Jews and all Jewish communities around the world,” the proclamation reads. “We are committed to developing and promoting the ci above, by allocating the necessary resources to facilitate the ongoing activities of the Judaism and State Policy Center and to establish its new permanent physical home on the campus of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.”

Participated in the signing ceremony Donniel Hartmannpresident of the Shalom Hartman Institute; Harry TriguboffFounder of the Triguboff Foundation and Institute; Efraim Halévypresident of the Triguboff Institute and former director of the Mossad; Shalom NormanCEO of the Triguboff Institute, Rabbi Yehuda GiladRosh Yeshivah at Yeshivat Maale Gilboa and board member of the Triguboff Institute; Shiri Mersell, vice president and general manager of the Hartman Institute; Ronit Heydvice president and director of the Center for Israeli and Jewish Identity at the Shalom Hartman Institute and Tani Frankdirector of the Center for Judaism and State Policy.

The Center for Judaism and State Policy was born out of a deep belief in the principle of mutual responsibility and the recognition that the State of Israel is central to the existence, development and prosperity of the entire Jewish people.

“Our work begins with a commitment to all Jews – whether Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or secular; live in Israel, Australia or North America – every Jew matters,” said Donniel Hartman, president of the Shalom Hartman Institute. “Our job is to maintain a strong Judaism that the next generation will embrace, to create a desire to continue to be Jewish and to feel a strong connection to Israel.”

“Today’s proclamation reflects a deep spirit of collaboration inspired by our shared values ​​of pluralism and tolerance,” said Harry Triguboff, founder of the Center for Judaism and State Policy at the Triguboff and Hartman Institute. . “It is only through mutual cooperation between Diaspora Jews and Israelis that we will bring about profound change and achieve long-term impact, both within the State of Israel and among the Jews all over the world.”

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