Has it really been 10 YEARS? ‘Gravity Falls’ and how Disney TV’s animation changed

I wouldn’t blame Gravity Falls for the sudden shift in all cable/streaming animation from cartoons for after-school elementary school kids to LGBT-stricken HS and college fangirls –

If you want to dig up the roots, it might have started with the “Bronies” of My Little Pony, who decided to do a big pink (and basically condescending) rainbow social hoo-hah about the fact that they watched “kiddy” cartoons in the afternoon, and wouldn’t let the girls play.*
It wasn’t even the first “Lite-Lez” toon to attract fangirls, if you want to go all the way back to Nick’s “Legend of Korra” that hooked every Avatar: Last Airbender fan.

Heck, if you want to go ALL the way back and try to find what derailed cartoons in the first place – that is, when they stopped having real jokes in them, and are just became excuses for animators to in-animate jokes for other animators about how old cartoons from their past embarrassed them and how fun it was to have the work of adults whose they dreamed when they were obsessed with drooling 10-year-old farts – it would be John Kricfalusi.
No, not “Ren & Stimpy,” but his first breakout job on “New Adventures of Mighty Mouse,” where he FIRST discovered the joys of recovery jokes at his old job working for Hanna-Barbera.

*- I remember the early days of the anime, when we were able to watch subtitled Japanese VHS episodes of Sailor Moon that had not yet aired in the US afternoon dub, and we tried to convince people that it was a better show than it looked.
Did we make a big Rainbow-Sparkle magilla out of it? No… We just knew our stuff, and when we discovered the little 7 year old. the girls also liked the afternoon show, we just shrugged and said, “That’s good for them… They have taste.”

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