Jerusalem Institute for the Blind sends team to Paralympic Games


The Jerusalem Institute for the Blind (JIB) has sent a goalball team to the Tokyo Paralympic Games, according to a statement released Thursday.

“Goalball is a team sport for athletes with a visual impairment, where a ball with built-in bells is thrown into the opponent’s goal,” the statement said.

Four of the players, Lehi Ben David, Gal Hermani, Roni Ohayon and Alham Mahmid participated in an after-school program at JIB called Noar Yachad, which aims to “bring middle school and high school students together in a group where everyone is equal – where everyone is world is blind or partially sighted – to bond with like-minded peers and work together to improve their skills, ”the statement added.

Prime Minister Bennett holds a zoom with the Paralympic delegation from Israel. (credit: KOBI GIDEON / GPO)

The program includes various excursions, workshops and other activities that help students make friends and integrate into sighted schools and communities.

According to JIB, the program provides “essential support” for the visually impaired, which helped one of the students struggling with financial and family circumstances at home to achieve her skills as a goalball player.

Two other visually impaired athletes affiliated with Beit HaLochem Tel Aviv, a sports rehabilitation center, Ori Mizrahi and Noa Malka, are also part of the Paralympic team.

They joined the Jerusalem Institute for the Blind while participating in sports camps at school. In addition to goalball, these camps involve sports such as sailing, tandem biking, etc.

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