Koluama denies invading Ikebiri community over land ownership in Bayelsa

The Council of Chiefs of the Koluama Kingdom in the Ijaw Local Government Area of ​​southern Bayelsa State denied media reports circulating in Yenagoa-based radio stations, saying the Kingdom had invaded Ikebiri, its neighboring community, took away valuables and destroyed properties worth millions of naira.

Reacting to the false claims made by the Supreme Ruler of the Ikebiri Community, His Royal Highness Francis Odudu, the Clan Chief of Koluama Kingdom, His Royal Majesty King Solomon Ebifatei Edi (KOLU XI) called on the general public to ignore the allegations.

The king called the allegations false and baseless, saying the people of Koluama are law-abiding and would never commit to taking justice into their own hands.

According to the monarch, it was the Amananaowei community of Ikebiri, Chief Francis Odudu, who instigated a Christmas Jerusalem to carry out the invasion of the inhabitants and tenants of Otogbene, Obomukorogbene, Sonomadeigbahe-Gbene and other satellite settlements of Koluama territory where the properties of millions of naira were destroyed in August 2022, thus threatening the peace of the people.

He further noted that Chief Odudu’s claims were unfounded and misleading, adding that to ensure peaceful co-existence and mutual understanding of the people, he (King Solomon Eb had repeatedly invited the supreme ruler of Ikebiri and his council chiefs for a meeting, but they obviously refused to show up.

He further explained that even when a reminder letter was delivered to Chief Odudu on September 26, 2022, he still continued to make the announcement on the radio where he claimed that the people of Koluama had invaded their territory. ; a story that he says was a calculated attempt to peddle lies and blackmail the peaceful kingdom of Koluama.

Debunking the claim of the Amananaowei of Ikebiri that their ancestor (Ike) gave the said land occupied by people and tenants from Otogbene, Obomukorogbene, Sonomadeigbahe-Gbene and other satellite settlements to their father (Kolu), the Clan Chief of Koluama Kingdom pointed out that the claim is not only laughable, but has been clearly documented in a court case report that the territories Chief Odudu claims were not part of the judgment where Opuadino is located.

He therefore assured the public that the Koluama Kingdom is committed to ensuring that the matter is legally dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the law and called on the Amananaowei of lkebiri and his cohorts to desist from their evil plans, adding that any amount of alliance they form with groups or individuals to formulate a false story to enable them to succeed will be resisted.

The King further used the occasion to call on the Bayelsa State government, the Council of Traditional Leaders and the security agencies to “take notice and call them (the Ikebiri community) to order because the excesses of the supreme ruler of the Ikebiri community who delights in violence and the promotion of communal clashes with members of his community and neighboring communities in the South Ijaw LGA, leading to legal action over time. »


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