Laid-Back Camp Anime Film Opens in Hong Kong on October 6 – News

Film released in Japan on July 1

Chinese movie distributor MediaLink has started airing a trailer with English and Chinese subtitles for the Eiga Yurukyan△ (Laid-Back Camp Movie) animated movie Wednesday. The trailer reveals that MediaLink’s Hong Kong screening of the film will begin on October 6.

MediaLink has also licensed the film for Taiwan.

The film opened in Japan on July 1 and ranked No. 3 in its opening weekend. The film sold 690,000 tickets and earned 1,000,000,000 yen (about $7 million) at the Japanese box office as of August 23.

The movie is based on afroit is Yurucamp (Yurukyan△, Relaxed camp Δ) manga. The film depicts Nadeshiko and the others, now adults, after some time has passed since the television anime. Rin, who now works at a small publisher in Nagoya, receives a text message from Chiaki. The Yamanashi Tourism Promotion Organization commissioned Chiaki to reopen a site that had closed several years ago. Hearing this, Rin suggests that such a spacious site could be turned into a campsite. Chiaki and Rin reunite with Nadeshiko, Aoi, and Ena to start the campsite development project.

The five get together in work clothes to mow the grass, hold planning meetings and build a campsite from the ground up, in scenes reminiscent of their high school club days. The trailer also features scenes from Ayano Toki and Sakura Kagamihara.

The television anime’s five main cast members reprized their roles, and several main staff members, including the director Yoshiaki Kyougoku and screenwriters Jin Tanaka and Mutsumi Itō income from the television anime. Singer Asaka performs the movie’s opening theme song “Sun Is Coming Up” and Eri Sasaki performs the ending theme song “Mimosa”.

The first anime premiered in January 2018. The ROOM CAMP (Camp Heya) anime spin-off short film premiered in January 2020. The second season of the anime premiered in January 2021 and ended in April 2021. The cast and staff announced the film during an event in October 2018.

afro launched the manga in Houbunshait is Manga Time Kirara Before reviewed in 2015. Yen Press began publishing the manga in English in March 2018.

Source: MediaLink’s Youtube channel

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