League of Legends temporarily loses / all chats


League of Legends temporarily loses cross-team chat. On Tuesday, Riot Games announced that it is removing the chat feature (also known as / all chat) in the upcoming League patch in the hope of combating toxicity. As the developer tests the responses to its removal, the feature will remain disabled for a few fixes.

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Credit: Riot Games

Riot explained that any cat is a vector of bad behavior, and according to his blog post on change, he hopes disabling it completely will result in less toxic behavior. All chats are already disabled by default in League of Legends, but the new change will completely disable the feature for all players. Riot noted that other communication methods, including normal team chat, will remain unchanged as long as / all chat is turned off.

In League of Legends, all chats are the primary way to interact with enemy teams outside of the game, but teams can interact directly in the game using emotes.

While the chat / all feature has positive uses such as complimenting a player’s skills and in-game cosmetics, the feature is primarily used to disparage opponents. It’s clear the feature is being used for negative more than positive reasons, but Riot acknowledged the positives and said he would measure the impact of this change to see what the future holds for this social feature.

“While / all cats can be the source of fun social interactions between teams, as well as good-hearted banter, at the moment the negative interactions outweigh the positives,” Riot explained in the post. . “We will assess the impact of this change through verbal abuse reports and penalty rates, as well as surveys and direct feedback from all of you.”

The reaction to removing all of the chat has been largely negative, with players mentioning all the positive experiences they’ve had with the enemy team. Phrases like “gg” (good game) and “glhf” (good luck, have fun) will be missed as long as the chat / all functionality is removed.

Shortly after Riot announced the change, League of Legends game director Andrei van Roon, the author of the original posts, took to Twitter to explain a few points that the original post did not address.

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Van Roon clarified that the change will be implemented for a few fixes as a test, and then Riot will send out polls for feedback. Riot Games will determine its next move based on the results of the investigation.

The change is about to be implemented League of Legends patch 11.21, expected next week.


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