Letters to the editor for April 13, 2022: Other development views, more

Protect existing neighborhoods

Several of Mayor Lauren Poe’s ideas are obviously outrageous to anyone who has lived in Gainesville for the past 50 years and worked in housing construction.

First, it didn’t matter whether a new subdivision had modest ranch-style homes or monstrous, expensive homes—over time, lots got smaller and smaller. It is the cost of land (it does not fall) that will prevent modest families from his well-meaning ideas. The solution: turn the Ironwood Golf Course and other city properties into free land for 800-square-foot homes.

Second, the mayor and city commission were elected to serve the current citizens of Gainesville, not someone who will come here in the future. From my arrival in Gainesville in the early 1970s until recently, the citizens’ mantra was to protect existing neighborhoods – and also to have no more two-story buildings, especially on east-west streets laid out by neighborhoods. Due to city and county traffic lane decisions made years ago, it is financially impossible to improve traffic corridors.

We must ask all future candidates: will you reverse the recent clandestine decisions taken late at night to destroy our neighborhoods? and let large, massive canyon-like buildings line the streets of our neighborhood? Yes or no – no word salads.

Tom Lane, Gainesville

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Rental Challenges

Arriving in Gainesville in the midst of the pandemic, my partner and I couldn’t wait to bring our boutique, The Peace Store, here. We were successful in Key West and set our sights on The Standard and other unleased commercial spaces in mixed-use housing near the University of Florida.

After relentless attempts to rent an open, never-rented space, the deal kept changing to the point where it was apparent the landlord wanted a big, deep-pocketed corporate tenant. We are now online only at thepeacestore.net and wish good luck to any small business trying to rent space in Gainesville.

Valsin Marmillion, Alachua

Where is the outrage?

On April 8, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said. “Americans are, once again, in mourning with the people of Israel following another deadly terrorist attack.” The United States is closely monitoring developments, he continued, and is in touch “with our Israeli partners, with whom we stand resolutely in the face of senseless terrorism and violence.” The US ambassador to Israel said he was “horrified to see another cowardly terrorist attack against innocent civilians”.

Senseless terrorism and violence? Cowardly terrorist attacks? Dead innocent lives?

Since September 29, 2000, 2,346 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis and 136 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians, and 10,321 Palestinian adults have been killed by Israel compared to 1,291 Israeli adults killed by Palestine. Israel is stealing Palestinian land by continuing to build illegal settlements (according to the UN and the international community) in the West Bank. Israel continues to force Palestinians living in Jerusalem out of the homes they have had for generations. And the United States gives Israel more than 20 million dollars a day for their army and Palestine has no army.

Secretary Blinken, where is the outrage and horror over Palestinian lives and their loss of sovereignty? Oh, but again Palestine is not our “partner”.

Pam Meyers, Cedar Key

source of advice

If you needed brain surgery, would you seek advice from a pediatrician? So why would you take advice on someone’s COVID vaccine with a doctor who has no training in public health or epidemiology?

Dennis Taylor, Gainesville

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