Live-Action Sempai! Danjite Koi from wa! The series unveils a new short video, streaming on Viki – News

Show streams on bilibiliGagaOOLala on June 17, Vikidoramakorea in mid-June

MBS began airing a short music video of Shinta Harekawa’s live show Semai! Danjite Koi from wa! (Sempai! Anything But Romance) boys love manga tuesday.

MBS also revealed that the show will air on bilibili and GagaOOLala on June 17 and Viki and doramakorea in mid-June. The channel also announced that OCTOPATH member Shunsei Ota will appear in the seventh and eighth episodes of the show.

The series will have eight episodes and will feature Toshiki Setō (photo on the left in the image, Kamen Rider Ex-aid) as Yūki Kaneda and Shūichirō Naitō (right, Kamen Rider Saber) as Atsushi Yanase.

Other cast members include: (romanizations of character names unconfirmed)

  • Satoshi Matsuda as Shunsuke Imaizumi
  • Shū Watanabe as Hayato Ichikawa
  • Rikako Sakata as Chise Omura
  • Taisuke Niihara as Haruki Iguchi
  • Junya Asada as Kohei Nakamura
  • Hitomi Uneda as Sakura Tanimoto

All the actors play the colleagues of the two protagonists who watch over their budding relationship.

The series will air on MBS and Kanagawa Television June 16, the Gunma TV June 21, the Tochigi-TV June 22 and Saitama Television and Chiba-TV June 23.

Hilcrime will perform the ending theme song “Ato Sū Senchi” (Just A Few Centimeters More).

The story centers on the relationship between Yanase and Yūki, two co-workers at a CGI animation studio. Yanase is a top notch CGI artist who considers everyone below him, and he must train rookie animator Yūki, a stoic individual who proves shy on the inside.

Harekawa spear the manga on Kadokawafrom the Comic Fleur site in July 2019, followed by the sequel Semai! Danjite Koi from wa! brush in 2020. To tie in with the live-action series, Harekawa will draw a sixth chapter for Semai! Danjite Koi from wa! brush which will debut on June 16. This will be the first chapter since August 2020. Kadokawa released the single compiled book volume for the first manga in July 2019, and a volume for the second manga in September 2020.

futekiya authorized Harekawa’s Everybody stand up! The boys like Private high school and Zenin Kiritsu! Shiritsu BL Gakuen Koutou-Gakkou ~Tachibana × Hen Mizuki~ manga.

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