Maccabiah Games experience leads to Presburger’s professional development

The three-week trip included a week of training camp, followed by two weeks of competition. During training camp, the groups had an early morning in which Presburger joined the U.S. delegation during practices and provided treatment as needed. In the afternoon, the group had sightseeing opportunities which included a visit to Masada, an ancient fortress, and a chariot in the Dead Sea. They also visited Jerusalem, visiting religious sites and receiving valuable history lessons. Finally, the group visited Tel Aviv, enjoying the sights and sounds of the modern city that sits along the Mediterranean.

Once the second and third weeks arrived and the Games officially started, Presburger provided sports training coverage for several events, with the opportunity to explore the country in the evenings.

“There were hubs and different hotels and locations,” Presburger said. “Our delegation was over 1,000 people, so you can’t put everyone in the same hotel. In addition, training facilities were located in different cities. The first week we were in a hub. That week, I was able to work with a different team every day. I did tennis, swimming, karate and fencing. At the hotel we also played softball, weightlifting, wrestling and judo, among other sports. For treatments, I would see these people too. When we moved to the Games, I mainly covered tennis, but I was also able to help men’s and women’s football a bit. We also had athletics at the hotel, so I was able to do some treatments with them. Once the matches started, however, I would say I was with the tennis 98% of the time.

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