MWL welcomes the results of the “Jeddah Summit for Security and Development”

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CAIRO – July 18, 2022: The Muslim World League (MWL) hailed the outcome of the “Jeddah Summit for Security and Development” hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the participation of the Cooperation Council for Arab States of the Gulf , Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and the United States of America.

His Excellency the Secretary General of the MWL, President of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, hailed the outcome of the summit, which focused on partnership in promoting peace and the prosperity of the region, and the necessary measures required to maintain the security and stability of the region and jointly respond to the challenges. These include keeping the Arab Gulf region free from weapons of mass destruction, adhering to the rules of good neighborliness, mutual respect and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, stressing that the achievement of peace and harmony in the region is an essential pillar for consolidating peace and harmony worldwide.

His Excellency the SG of the MWL appreciated the firm and principled commitment of the leaders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq to the cause Palestinian Territory, and the summit’s emphasis on the need to achieve a just settlement, a comprehensive and lasting peace on the basis of the two-state solution, and the need to end all unilateral measures that undermine the solution and respect for the historic status quo in Jerusalem and its holy places.

His Excellency also appreciated the participating leaders’ support for the dear Syrian people and the alleviation of their suffering, and the summit’s emphasis on the importance of providing the necessary support to Syrian refugees and the countries hosting them, and humanitarian access to all areas of Syria, as well as their affirmation to support the brothers in Sudan in the face of economic challenges, and the importance of continuing and intensifying efforts to support access to the humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, and to seek that the Afghan people of all sects obtain their fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as their commitment to support all efforts aimed at resolving the crises that have created critical humanitarian conditions in Lebanon, Libya and Ukraine.

His Excellency also welcomed participation in the crucial issue of climate change which is essential to the existence and presence of humanity on the discussion table as a major issue of this extraordinary summit. He also commended the leaders’ determination to collectively address climate challenges through the development of cooperation, regional integration and joint projects.

His Excellency Dr. Al-Issa underscored that the peoples of the world expect a lot from the declared determination of the leaders to strengthen regional and international efforts to combat terrorism and violent extremism, prevent the financing, arming and recruitment of terrorist groups of all persons and entities, and to tackle all activities threatening the security and stability of the region. The peoples of the region have high expectations regarding the contribution of the outcomes of the summit in general to solving the problems facing their region and overcoming the challenges it has gone through.

His Excellency concluded by congratulating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the success of the “Jeddah Summit for Security and Development”, thanks to the efforts and wise leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud , and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz – may Allah Almighty protect them – saying that this great success highlights the status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the regional and international arenas, and its deserved leadership role in achieving peace and prosperity in the region and the world.

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