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Mr. Johnson B. Toby, President of the New Jerusalem Community

Residents of the new community of New Jerusalem in Louisiana Township in Lower Montserrado County said they are considering plans to stop the movement of strange people in their community unless they follow COVID protocols -19 prescribed by GOL, and in some cases requiring people to wear a nasal mask.

In a meeting at town hall on Sunday with some prominent township residents, Mr. Johnson B. Toby, president of the New Jerusalem community, said his leadership had started a solid approach in its efforts to shore up the Government of Liberia’s work on containment. and reduce the spread of the deadly virus to zero.

According to the president of the New Jerusalem community, amid the threat of the coronavirus, its leaders decided to pursue other initiatives in the community, including the opening of alleys, the funding of scholarships, the provision of water. source, nighttime security, among others, but at the same time, it is ready to apply all COVID-19 protocols based on the impact of the virus in countries around the world, including China, America and the Australia, as well as several countries in Europe and Africa, which are severely affected by the virus which is affecting and killing hundreds and thousands of people around the world.

President Toby has claimed that the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, as it is known, affects several Liberians; this means that the virus or disease is in Liberia and the country has a high risk that many people will be affected or ill or likely to die, as is the case in some countries around the world.

Toby said his leadership plans to work with other stakeholders in Louisiana Township to ensure the community is safe and virus-free, stressing the need for all Liberians and residents to continue doing what country’s health authorities have warned.

In conclusion, President Toby urged the public to wash their hands frequently, to keep their distance, as is the case with so-called social distancing, and to report any strange illnesses to the hospital. nearest clinic.

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