Nintendo Settles Wrongful Dismissal Claim With Former Employee – News

Companies settled payment of $25,910 in unpaid wages, damages

Nintendo of America and recruitment agency Aston Carter on Wednesday reached a settlement with former quality assurance agent Mackenzie Clifton over an alleged wrongful dismissal. The companies settled the payment of US$25,910 in unpaid wages and damages.

Aston Carter will take responsibility and pay Clifton. Within the framework of the regulation nintendo is also required to post a notice for 60 consecutive days, both by email and on-site at its office, advising its QA workers of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

Nintendo of America made a statement about the settlement:

nintendo is grateful that a resolution has been reached in the NLRB matter so that we can continue to focus on ensuring that our work environment remains welcoming and supportive for all of our employees and associates. This approach is fundamental to the values ​​of our company. As part of the public regulations, all parties remain obligated not to disclose nintendoConfidential business information and trade secrets of , which are essential to our development process and our product offerings.

Contracted quality assurance worker Clifton filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Redmond, Washington on April 15, alleging that Nintendo of America fired them in order to “discourage union activities and/or membership”. The accused complaint nintendo and Aston Carter of “concerted activities”, dismissal, surveillance and “enforcement actions” against an employee – interfering with his right to unionize – in the last six months. nintendo had made a statement that the company terminated an employee for violating a nondisclosure agreement and was “unaware of any attempted unionization or related activities and intends to cooperate with the investigation by the NLRB”.

Clifton then filed another lawsuit against the NLRB against Nintendo of America in August, alleging the company fired workers “engaged in concerted protected activity,” among other allegations.

Aston Carter is an employment agency that has recruited customer service and administrative contractors to nintendo.

Nintendo of America recently closed its offices in Redwood City, California and Toronto, Ontario in November. Kotaku reported that according to its sources, nintendoThe California office closure displaced approximately 100 employees.

Source: Polygon (Nicole Charpentier) via Hachima Kiko

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