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Made in KSA – women entrepreneurs contributing to the growth of the Saudi economy

JEDDAH: The goal of Vision 2030 is to create one million jobs for women in Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the women and companies that are playing a leading role in creating career opportunities in the Kingdom.

Namat, a non-profit social enterprise of Nesma Holding Co., aims to integrate women living outside urban centers into the national economy, enabling them to actively contribute to the economic and social prosperity of the Kingdom by redefining the potential of the “Made in KSA”. .”

By fusing lean management, continuous improvement, and zero waste principles with a women-centric agenda, Namat is leading the way for socially viable, ethical, and customizable apparel manufacturing that benefits businesses as well as the community in the sense of wide.


• Namat, a non-profit social enterprise of Nesma Holding Co., aims to enrich the garment industry in Saudi Arabia through the deployment and empowerment of women in rural areas, integrating them into the national economy.

• Playbook, a start-up founded entirely by women, focuses on supporting working women in the region in achieving their professional aspirations.

• Debyazah, a local hospitality concept, also seeks to promote culinary science and the art of modern food presentation.

Noura Alturki, Vice President of Nesma Holding Co., said, “My family business, Nesma, created this project with the aim of providing jobs for women in the sewing and embroidery industry. Through our social enterprise, Namat, we aim to enrich the garment industry in Saudi Arabia through the deployment and empowerment of women in rural areas, integrating them into the folds of the national economy. This project is inspiring for its inclusiveness.

“Our vision is to replicate sewing centers throughout the Kingdom so that women in the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia have access to employment. I believe that an empowered woman is true to herself, silences voices (internal and external) that doubt her in order to pave her own happiness in the world,” she said.

Noura Altürki

Namat has grown into a world-class garment manufacturing and training program employing over 150 skilled women in four sewing centers across the Kingdom.

Playbook, a startup founded entirely by women, is dedicated to helping working women in the region meet their career aspirations.

Several female leaders from Saudi Arabia have joined the platform as members to access their masterclass library, engage with an organized network, problem solve, attend events, access mentorship and more.

Members are also drawn to the company’s impact arm where each paid membership (annual fee) is paired with a free access scholarship for women and students from underserved communities. The platform will soon distribute thousands of scholarship memberships through NGOs and universities in Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region.

Riyadh-based Amal Dokhan, General Partner of 500 Global MENA and one of the few female venture capitalists in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, gave a masterclass on the platform titled “The Investor Mindset”.

The masterclass consisted of 11 episodes lasting over two hours. Dokhan breaks down his courses into sections that include investment terminologies, investment strategies for angels and venture capitalists, capitalization charts, stock dilution, and growth metrics.

Drawing on her personal experience as an educator, founder, angel investor, and partner at a venture capital firm, Dokhan guides female founders to understand how to connect with investors and what they look for in a scalable startup.

Our vision is to replicate sewing centers throughout the Kingdom so that women in the 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia have access to employment.

Noura AltürkiVice Chairman of Nesma Holding Co.

Fatima Batook, owner of the TIMA Sport Apparel brand and CEO of Switz Group, said “The Investor Mindset” was her favorite masterclass. “The class opens the door to all struggling entrepreneurs trying to grow their business exponentially. It really is an insightful masterclass that adds a lot of value to a lot,” she said.

Nourah Feteih, author, speaker, conservationist and new Playbook member, said, “As a conservationist, I always believe in spreading greatness to the world on so many levels. . Playbook does an amazing job of supporting the education of women around the world so they have access to the most informative and knowledgeable courses while learning from experienced entrepreneurs and businesswomen around the world.

“There are many scholarships that will be sent under the member’s name. Wishing to be a philanthropist, I am happy to have received this opportunity. And, as part of the Saudi Vision 2030, I believe that passion, productivity and perseverance are the keys to unlimited success in everything we do.

Shreya Rammohan, Playbook Co-Founder and CMO, said, “Companies such as Watar Partners, Zain Group, Investcorp and other notable organizations have started bringing their female executives onto the platform. This aligns with their values ​​of gender diversity and inclusion, and their commitment to investing in relevant learning and development resources that can help their teams network and build their personal brand. As community members, they can access the app to network, find mentors, access learning resources, browse our masterclass library, and more.

Rammohan said Playbook is reimagining and redefining accelerated career growth for women through curated learning resources and an engaged community.

The platform is launched on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

For the first time, women founders across the region are bridging tactical content on how to fundraise and access capital by learning masterclasses, connecting with 1:1 masters, and networking with d other entrepreneurs within the community.

Playbook lessons grow in volume every month as the platform developers and founding team strategically include several masterclasses on decision making, leadership, empathy, mental health, team building, to scale, trusting your intuition, knowing your rights, maintaining a legacy in a family business, and leading growth experiences.

Each of these masterclasses is led by female leaders in over 17 industries who build their legacy and reverse engineer their playbook to success in the form of a masterclass. These are in Arabic and English and captioned accordingly. It is further complemented by networking features, access to live events, 1:1 mentoring and coaching opportunities, job boards, and other perks.

Nouf Masoud, CEO of Debyazah, a local hospitality concept, also seeks to promote the science of cooking and the art of modern food presentation, and to be the first ambassador of inclusive hospitality in Saudi Arabia.

“We aim to showcase the Kingdom’s hospitality standards to the world and support the country’s vision by investing in opportunities that will nurture the local market and elevate the hospitality industry,” she said.

“We have created a series of residential hospitality workshops for women in Riyadh and Jeddah to create a hotel operating system in their own residence, making their home look like a boutique hotel in addition to develop a career in the hospitality industry. At Debyazah, our goal is to provide hospitality programs and short courses dedicated to people working in the hospitality industry to develop the ultimate customer and guest experience.

Masoud believes that to be successful as a female entrepreneur, it is essential to overcome all obstacles and gain support from other businesses to help the business grow.

“To create an impactful momentum nationwide, it is important to collaborate with several companies and organizations as they seek out women for leadership positions and support them to achieve their goals.”

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