Onipan! Anime’s Second Video Reveals Miyu Tomita Is the Voice of Top Idol Noririn E! News UK

Tomita already voices Noriko Issun in the show, but the character transforms into Noririn

The official website of the original television anime Onipan! began streaming the anime’s second full promo video on Monday. The video reveals that Miyu Tomita also voices the best idol character Noririn in the anime. Tomita already voices the character Noriko Issun in the series, and the character is able to transform into Noririn using an ancient mallet passed down to her from an ancestor.

Noririn sings the song “Tokimeki♡Wonderland” (Heart-Throbbing Wonderland) which will play in Monday’s episode, and the song is also in the June 1 theme song CD “Onipapapan! Pan!” Additionally, the anime will change its ending theme song to “Oni Yaba—!” (by Yume Nozaki, Mika Negishiand Kokona Nonaka as the voice actress of the anime “Onipanzu!”) next week.

The anime premiered on April 11 in Tokyo Televisionit is Oha Suta program (“Good Morning Star”).

Set in a world where the Japanese oni (demons) and humans coexist, “the story of love, friendship and underpants” follows three oni girls who transfer to a middle school in Tokyo. They strive to improve the erroneous image of oni using a key element with hidden powers — oni underpants, or onipan. Momozono-Momo and Issun-Bōko are teased as the children of well-known Japanese folk characters Momotarō and Issun-Bōshi, respectively.

Anime stars:

  • Former member of Sakura Gakuin Yume Nozaki like the curious red oni Tsutsuji (Japanese for “azalea”)
  • Winner of the Ciao Girl 2019 contest Mika Negishi like the mischievous yellow oni Himawari (“sunflower”)
  • Former member of Sakura Gakuin Kokona Nonaka as the seemingly aloof but careless Tsuyukusa (“dayflower”)
  • Kaori Maida like Momozono-Momo
  • Miyu Tomita as Noriko Issun
  • Kikuko Inoue like Kuma

The anime originates from the AAO Project, a joint initiative of AOI Pro., have funand Origamix Partners, to develop and produce original intellectual property. Norihiro Naganumadirector and head writer of The Bride of the Ancient Magus anime, designed the original story concept with With studio and Shogakukan – Shueisha Productions like the collective Onipan! Project. tomari (My friend’s little sister is mad at me!) wrote the original onikko (demon girl) designs.

masahiko ohta (Yuruyuri) directs the anime to With studio with assistant director Jun’ichiro Hashiguchiand Takashi Aoshima (Yuruyuri – Happy Go Lily, Mitsudomoe, Himuto! Umaruchan) is in charge of scripting the series. Ryuuta Yanagi (Sword Art Online monster design) serves as character designer and chief animation director, and Yasuhiro Misawa (Yuruyuri – Happy Go Lily, Mitsudomoe, Minami-ke) composes the music.

anime stars Yume Nozaki, Mika Negishiand Kokona Nonaka form a new musical unit named “Onipanzu!,” and perform the show’s theme song “Onipapapan! Pan!.”

Sentai Filmworks stream anime on HIDIVE.

Sources: Onipan!it’s official website, comedic Natalie

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