Original Berserk Anime Reveal Netflix Release Date

Berserk remains one of the darkest and most brutal anime franchises to hit the scene in decades, with Guts’ journey being equally introspective and nihilistic. While the series continued after the tragic passing of Kentaro Miura via his manga, the anime returned thanks to Berserk: Commemorative Edition. Now fans can experience the anime adaptation that started it all as the 1990s Berserk anime heads to Netflix.

The first one Berserk The anime hit the small screen in 1997, eight years after the manga premiered in the pages of Young Animal. Primarily taking the opportunity to cover “the Golden Age arc”, aka the story of how Guts came to join the Hawk Band, meet Griffith and Casca, and ultimately find himself in a lifetime of desperation filled with some of anime’s most terrifying demons, the original television series will often be considered Kentaro Miura’s best view of the world outside of manga. Now, Netflix has confirmed when fans can expect the series to hit its streaming service, with the platform having previously hosted the film trilogy.

Berserk: streaming soon

from Berserk The original anime series will arrive on Netflix on December 1, with all twenty-five episodes expected to be available on the streaming service. The first TV series ended on a cliffhanger, with the anime adaptation kind of being used as a vehicle to help push the manga forward, as viewers may want to see where Guts and company end up following the devastating events. of the Eclipse.

While A New Berserk Anime Adaptation Hasn’t Been Confirmed, a countdown timer has appeared on the anime franchise’s official website, leaving fans wondering if a new project will be announced in about twenty-eight days. Although nothing is set in stone, there are many stories of from Berserk manga that has not yet been adapted into an anime.

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