Palestinian activists ban concert for LGBTQ community in Ramallah

Palestinian activists interrupted a concert for the LGBTQ community that was due to take place in Ramallah this weekend. East Jerusalem singer-songwriter and videographer Bashar Murad was scheduled to perform at the concert, which was scheduled to take place on Friday evening.

Homophobic activists, led by Yaman Jarrar, the son of prominent Hamas preacher Sheikh Bassam Jarrar, who predicted on YouTube that Israel would cease to exist in 2022, told people at the Al-Mustawda3 cultural center in Ramallah: “There’s a guy named Bashar Murad who’s supposed to be throwing a party here today. Bashar Murad is gay. This person is prohibited from giving a concert. It does not represent us or any of our free peoples. We have come here to advise you in a respectful manner. We talk to you in a pleasant way; don’t test our patience. Anyone who dares to undermine our religion will cross a red line.

Jarrar then wrote on Facebook, referring to the killing of three Palestinian gunmen during clashes with the Israeli army in Jenin last week: “As the young men of Jenin sacrifice their lives for the beloved homeland, a suspicious group tried to organize a gay party in Ramallah. A group of young men concerned about their religion and their homeland went to the concert venue and informed the organizers of the suspicious party of the need to evacuate the premises and to respect the blood of the martyrs.

Organized activities for the LGBTQ community have been banned in the West Bank since 2019. Luay Zreikat, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority, was quoted by The Jerusalem Post as saying that such activities are “harmful to the values ​​and ideals of the Palestinian society” and that an anonymous “dodgy party” is working to “create discord and damage civic peace in Palestinian society”.

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