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It’s a celebration of all things anime here at New York Comic Con. | Source: The Pop Insider

At New York Comic Con (NYCC), everyone knows anime is hot. From the dizzying Yugi wigs to the long lineups surrounding Crunchyroll’s booth – the love for anime characters is real.

Pin Club, a licensed enamel pin maker, embraces the love of anime with a new selection of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Fruits Basket, and Jujutsu Kaisen pins making their NYCC debut. The company’s booth at the show was crowded, not only with fans, but also with rows of shiny, metallic, glittering, and phosphorescent pins, as well as pins with countless other visual and interactive elements.

Anime fans swarm the Pin Club booth at NYCC for the latest anime pins. | Source: The Pop Insider

According to Pin Club COO Micheal Rivera, the company’s most popular pins are currently rooted in anime. “People really like Yu-Gi-Oh and My Hero Academia, followed by Naruto, Digimon, and Dragon Ball Z,” he says. “Now we release Fruits Basket, Haiku, Jujutsu Kaisen and Ranking of Kings.”

Rivera also says that Pin Club is actively seeking more anime properties now that the number of anime fans is at an all-time high. “If you look around, that’s the thing,” Rivera says. “We also want to get properties that we are also passionate about. For example, we like A play. We watch the show and read the manga. It would be great to acquire One Piece to create pins.

Among the new pins, there are some standout selections. Jujutsu Kaisen pins feature fan-favorite characters, such as Yugi and Satoru, in their iconic poses. Highly detailed Dragon Ball Z pins include memorable scenes, including Krillin preparing for battle. Digimon sets are honestly adorable and include three beloved Digimon per set.

A NYCC Exclusive My Hero Academia Pin Set | Source: The Pop Insider

Pin Club also brought exclusive anime-themed sets to NYCC. My Hero Academia fans can check out this pin set that features three characters from the series. The company also offered a show-exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh set, featuring a host of incredible characters in stunning detail, making it worthy of the $150 price tag. The set was so anticipated that it completely sold out on the first day of NYCC.

Source: The Pop Insider

In addition to Pin Club’s anime offerings, its booth was crammed with pins of Avatar, Spongebob, and more. Many of these brooches recreate scenes or characters in stunning detail. Rivera says choosing the perfect scene to recreate in a pin can involve some research, but ultimately Pin Club picks “the ones that make us happy, the things that make us laugh.”

“It’s hard to get the perfect scene for everyone, but we try to get the things we know most people would like – even if it’s a meme like Handsome Squidward,” says Rivera. “We want to do something that people really enjoy.”

For fans who can’t make it to NYCC this year, or who missed seeing Pin Club at booth #1019, Pin Club plans to add their NYCC exclusives to their website, pinclub.boutiquesoon.

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