Pokemon Anime Releases Nostalgic Video To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

The Pokemon anime just hit a big milestone, and The Pokemon Company is releasing a video for those looking for a throwback to the past.


Yesterday might have been April Fool’s Day, but what’s not a joke is the fact that yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon animated. The anime began in Japan on April 1, 1997 before heading to the West the following year. The official Twitter page of Pokemon anime has created a special anniversary video to celebrate the occasion.

At the time of writing this article, the Pokemon anime has aired 1193 episodes, split into 7 series over the past 25 years. The longest Pokemon The series was the original, which saw Ash, Misty, and Brock travel through Kanto and Johto, as well as a stopover on the Orange Islands. Since the original series, the anime series splits with each new Pokemon generation and Ash will generally gain new companions with each new generation. Brock came back for the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series, that some Pokemon anime fans consider one of the best series alongside sun and moon.


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The video posted on the official website Pokemon The anime’s Twitter page is two minutes long, with narration in Japanese by Rica Matsumoto, the voice of Ash in Japan since the series debuted in 1997. The video features some of the best moments from each series of the anime, with a particular focus on the Pokemon Ash has caught over the years. Since the original series was the longest, it gets the most time in the video, which should make most fans nostalgic.

With the Pokemon anime making on streaming sites like Netflix recently, the Pokemon The TV series brought back some fans from the old days, while making it easier for new viewers to access the anime. The current arc, Pokemon Journeyscapitalizes on the franchise’s nostalgia by having Ash revisit old regions and reunite with some of his old companions like fan-favorite Dawn.

To help build the hype for some of its recent games, The Pokemon Company has released more special anime episodes to help fans get started with the new games or to provide more information on some of the new characters. . After the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield for example, The Pokemon Company released a special 7-episode series titled Pokemon dusk wingswhich serves as a prequel and focuses on some of the game’s characters like Leon, Hop, Bea, and Sonia.

With the focus on the Sinnoh region recently with the release of Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearlas well as Pokemon Legends: Arceusa new Pokemon A special anime will soon air in the region of Hisui, the forerunner of Sinnoh. What is old becomes new again, and the Pokemon the anime is using its 25th anniversary to stir up feelings of nostalgia among longtime fans.

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