Qatar Charity supports residents of Jerusalem

Jerusalem residents attending a mass iftar hosted by Qatar Charity last Ramadan.

DOHA: Qatar Charity has launched the “Al Aqsa Waqf” campaign to raise funds to set up real estate projects, investments and endowments to support the inhabitants of the city of Jerusalem (Al Aqsa).
The campaign aims to raise 50 million QR in its initial phase. The annual proceeds from the investment projects will be used to support the population of Jerusalem and provide them with basic education and health services.
In a press release, QC CEO Yusuf Bin Ahmed Al Kuwari said the launch of this project stemmed from the organization’s awareness of the magnitude of the challenges facing the Al Aqsa Mosque and the its importance to Muslims as the first Qiblah and the third holiest site. . There have been continuous attempts to erode the Islamic identity of the city of Jerusalem, forcing its Arab population to leave due to the demolition of their homes, fines imposed on them for issuing building permits and of housing preventing development, neglect of basic services, restrictions on movement and mobility and the imposition of arbitrary laws.
Al Kuwari urged philanthropists in Qatar to donate to the campaign that contributes to the development of Palestinian society, especially residents of the city of Jerusalem, to support them in the face of injustice, displacement and exclusion .
The 50,000,000 QR to be raised in the first phase will be used to buy or build properties, with the proceeds from their annual lease going towards the establishment of essential projects and services for the people of Jerusalem, including the creation of schools, support for educational projects, operation of transport services and reception of children and families in the social and health fields.
People can donate to the endowment in several ways including waqf shares which are divided into: Share Sayed ul Mursaleen (Master of Messengers), worth 50,000 QR, Share of Israa worth Share worth QR 25,000, Aqsa Share worth QR 10,000, Salahuddin Share worth QR 5,000 and Jabal Zaytoun Share worth QR 1,000.
Donations can also be made towards the Waqf of Properties, Waqf the Proceeds of Properties or through Unrestricted Contributions (Sadaqah of any amount).
Donors can also call the hotline 44667711, or donate through Barwa Bank at IBAN number: QA09BRWA000000000200000007447, on the website, at QC headquarters and branches across the state, and collection points in shopping centers. Donation can also be done by SMS by texting WA to 92429 to donate QR 1000, or to 92428 to donate QR 500. The peninsula

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