Quick loans to finance the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding requires a lot of expenses

Wedding requires a lot of expenses

The good weather is approaching and, with it, surely your wedding! Yes, it is more than studied: the time most demanded by the couple to say “yes, I want” is between spring and summer; or what is the same, between March and September, although the National Institute of Statistics indicates that 78% of the ceremonies take place between July and August. And in a holiday season like this, fast loans to finance the wedding of your dreams also consolidate and gain prominence.

The reasons are obvious: the wedding itself requires a lot of expenses and, to them, we must add the vacations of that year! That, while it is true that you can take advantage of the honeymoon to kill two birds with one stone, it is no less true that there are those who want to celebrate their honeymoon on one side and their vacation on the other.

Everything will depend, of course, on the possibilities of each one.

But, if there is something that really worries about all this is the lack of resources of many, especially when, in these years of crisis, saving is practically impossible.

Therefore, requesting quick loans to finance the wedding of your dreams is the most recommended solution and today we are going to tell you the amount you need so that you do not have anything left in the inkwell.

The cost of a wedding

The cost of a wedding

Let’s go in parts, do you know how much is the average cost of a Spanish wedding?

As a lower middle class wedding has an average expenditure in Spain of between 12,000 and 18,000 USD. Of course, we talk about a fairly complete wedding that will include all this:

– The suits of the bride and groom, one of the essential expenses.

– The rings, which obviously cannot be missing.

– The invitations so that no one is left without going.

– The reminders or details of your wedding that you want to give to your guests.

– The earnest of the wedding, a symbol of tradition, and superstition?

– The bride’s bouquet, a complement that will accompany her, until the church leaves!

– The bachelor party of the couple, who is left without her?

– The wedding photographer to frame every moment. And, if you want video, it has an additional cost.

– The honeymoon trip, the first after married!

– The celebration, which includes the decoration of the place, music or shows and the decoration of the tables. It also includes catering. And the open bar? Yes, in some cases, too.

– The rural house, the farm or the place where you are going to celebrate it.

– The accommodation, although they usually include it if for example you celebrate your wedding in a rural hotel, not all the complexes grant it.

– The rental of cars that will take you to the church.

– Hairdressing, aesthetic and makeup treatments of the big day.

Yes, we already know that some cuts can always be made, but since you get married, what better way than getting married in style? And more if you have fast loans!