Rav Kav’s travel cards will be reinstated for East Jerusalem residents


Residents of East Jerusalem will soon be able to use Rav Kav electronic cards again to take public transport, after more than a year since the program was terminated in that part of the city, the Jerusalem Municipality announced on Tuesday in a statement.

As part of the deal, payment on public transport will soon be possible again via the card for public transport operators in East Jerusalem, while retaining the corresponding discounts for eligible people.

Residents of East Jerusalem will also be able to use Rav Kav’s transfer arrangement between transport operators in the east and west of the city, allowing passengers to make another trip into the city in 90 minutes without additional costs.

In order to implement the reform in the eastern part of the city, five dedicated service centers have been established in the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, to assist in the process of issuing cards and handling passenger requests for their travel. use.

Residents of East Jerusalem have not been able to use Rav Kav cards in the city since early 2020, after then Transport Minister Bezalel Smotrich announced an expected one-year hiatus in the city. Rav Kav’s operations in the eastern part of the city, just two years after the program was initiated there, Calcalist reported.

The municipality said it was a vitally important decision, which it said will improve the experience of using public transport for residents in the eastern part of the city while also helping to reduce rates, calling eligible residents to get a new card and take advantage of the new service available.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion said the move was a “revolution”, saying he expects it “to simplify service to residents in the eastern part of the city and even save them a lot of money. silver”.

“The municipality and all of its services will continue to work for the promotion and development of the eastern part of the city in all areas of life, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Jerusalem who live in these neighborhoods and for the benefit of residents of the whole city, ”he said.

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