RFP – Feminist Economics School Arabic Curriculum Development – occupied Palestinian territory


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Oxfam’s Economic Justice Program in the OPT works with diverse communities in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem to achieve sustainable economic engagement in the Palestinian economy with a focus on economic justice for the women. The program is currently developing a strategic agenda to explore avenues for “valuing women’s work” and women’s economic contributions, including recognized and unrecognized economic activities in the formal and informal economy.

Oxfam en Opt is seeking to engage a pool of qualified consultants with proven expertise and experience in feminist economics theory and practice, to develop a curriculum for the Feminist Economics School/Course in Arabic. The content will be delivered once and developed to be suitable for an online self-paced course to be placed on Oxfam E-learning. Services must be provided in accordance with the terms and requirements detailed in this RFP. Applicants have the opportunity to propose to develop a curriculum for one or more of the following modules of the Feminist Economics School/Course:

mod. 1: Breaking myths about feminism (theory and practice)

Mod. 2: Feminist Economics: A Different Approach to Understanding Wealth and Power

mod. 3: Care economy and feminist bailout

mod. 4: Assets related to gender, poverty and inequalities

mod. 5: Macroeconomics and Gender

mod. 6: Trade, value chain and gender

Mod. 7: International funding and gender

Mod. 8: Feminist economics and emerging and persistent challenges (Part 1)

mod. 9: Feminist economics and emerging and persistent challenges (Part 2)

The RFP package includes a brief description of the modules to inspire and set the direction for module program developers.

How to register

A detailed description of the assignment, the services required by Oxfam and the conditions of participation in it is contained in the RFP file and can be downloaded from the following link:


The deadline for submitting proposals is September 19, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. under conditions in the RFP file.

Proposals must be sent before the deadline indicated in the calendar above. Responses should be sent only to ([email protected]) without copying any other email address. Any proposal sent through other channels will not be considered.

The proposal must be sent in 2 separate files – PDF format – (one for the technical proposal and one for the price proposal).

The subject of the e-mail must contain the following reference: OXFAM – 22/064/OPTI/GAZA/003

All documents must be submitted in English

We look forward to receiving a proposal from you and thank you for your interest in our account.

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