Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4 Preview Video and Images Revealed

The preview images for episode four of The Rise of the Shield Hero Season 2were released on official site as well as a preview of the episode which was posted on KADOKAWAAnime’s official YouTube channel. After a disappointing battle last week, Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo, Ost, and Rishia seek to regroup and find a way to defeat the Spirit Tortoise once and for all in episode four!

Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4 Video Preview

Much like fans after last week’s episode, Naofumi and company are putting the past behind them. Expect a lot of planning in episode four and, what it looks like, a possible flashback from Itsuki and Rishia. With Ost remaining alive after what was thought to be the disappearance of Spirit Tortoise, some questions fans may have may find an answer in the fourth episode.

Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 4 Preview Images

Mayu Hirotomi will handle direction and storyboarding for the episode, and Kouta Sera will serve as chief animation director. Hirotomi worked on the storyboard for the first episode of this season while Sera worked as chief animation director for episode two.

The preview video doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Usually, after an action-packed episode, a reunion follows suit. But the ending is intriguing, especially the shot of Spirit Tortoise’s back. As we saw in episode three, the Spirit Tortoise had what looked like a fortress on its back. Maybe the answers to defeating the Spirit Turtle lie there?

The Rise of the Shield Hero – Season 2 still maintained a top 10 spot for week four of our weekly polls despite a heavily fan-bashed episode. The series has remained in the top 10 every week so far this season. Fans are still eagerly waiting for the show to roll and maybe episode four will be the one to do that. Build be sure to vote for the series in our week four poll and keep Shield Hero in our top 10!!

episode three of The rise of shield heroSeason 2 airs Wednesday, April 20 on Crunchyroll.

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