Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation, What We Know So Far

After the conclusion of Solo Leveling’s manhwa adaptation, some fans are somewhat disappointed. For those unaware, Solo Leveling is the webtoon adaptation of the web novel I Alone Level Up, written by Chugong. Recently, Tapas released a statement claiming that they will only be taking a short break before releasing the special chapters which will hopefully provide a better ending. However, perhaps the most exciting news we’ve received about our beloved manhwa series so far would be its anime adaptation. The news was leaked on Chinese social media site, Weibo. With all the signs we’ve come across, the Solo Leveling anime is gearing up to become the biggest series in 2023.

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Solo Leveling – KakaoPage

Yes, you heard right. While the promotions have already started such as the release of the official theme song, credible websites have claimed that the release will be no later than March 2023. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we see it on releases. streaming platforms like Funimation and Crunchyroll. . Be aware that there is still a chance that they will push back the production. Understand that some webtoon adaptations have been delayed in filming due to pandemic restrictions. What we do know for sure is that a Solo Leveling anime adaptation is on the way. In fact, D&C even released a trailer on their YouTube channel letting their audience know about the long-awaited anime.

Who produces the animated version?

Anime Solo Leveling Solo Leveling – KakaoPage

It seems that the people behind this project are very secretive about the progress of the anime. There has been speculation that Studio Mir will handle the production work. Since the story originated in Korea, fans are hoping that a company known for producing top-notch anime series like Dota: Dragon’s Blood and Legends of Korra will oversee it.

However, for someone like me who is already familiar with the webtoon and web novel storyline, I would rather see Ufotable or Mappa be in charge of producing the Solo Leveling anime. It would be a shame if they couldn’t accurately translate fine art into fantastic animation. Unfortunately, since the manhwa series has highlighted some anti-Japanese elements, our prayers are less likely to come through.

Solo Leveling The Next Greatest Anime

The Echo Boyz The Boyz – Solo Leveling OST ECHO-SNS The Boyz

While some people may think that the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling is just a generic system story and doesn’t deserve too much attention, the number of followers it has amassed and the hype that the next anime release gets prove otherwise. Fans originally started a petition on to turn this into an anime. Currently, there have been over 200,000 signatures. KakaoPage’s web novel surpassed sales of 30 billion Korean won. The original theme song was sung by one of Korea’s top idols today, The Boyz. He is currently at the top of the list of best manhwa on MyAnimelist. With a score of 8.74 from over 344,000 users. It even topped some manhwa with anime adaptations and live-action series such as Tower of God, Sweet Home, and Cheese in the Trap.

Fans are waiting for 24 episodes for the upcoming season 1 of Solo Leveling anime. There is also a chance that they choose to release 12 episodes on the 1st season and immediately follow them with another 12 episodes, just like what they did with Tower of God. The production company has yet to reveal the name of the cast. Be sure to stay updated in our future articles for the latest production progress.

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