TECHNION unveils research institute for AI medicine

JERUSALEM: The Israel Institute of Technology (TECHNION) has announced the establishment of the country’s first artificial intelligence (AI) research institute for medical technology solutions.

The Technion’s Zimin Institute for AI Solutions in Healthcare, which was launched and operated jointly with Russian charity Zimin Foundation on Sunday, will focus on multidisciplinary research and technology development in human health and medicine using big data and computer learning, according to a Technion statement.
The Zimin Institute for AI Solutions intends to improve healthcare at all levels, including hospitals, clinics, drug development, home therapy, and medical wearables. “This new center is a crucial part of Technion President Uri Sivan’s goal of collaboration and connectivity between research, engineering and medicine,” said Technion President Uri Sivan.

“It will support applied research that will accelerate the creation of new and important technologies with real-world applications,” he added.

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