The Croft Women’s Institute celebrated the centenary of Cheshire


TIME capsules, tree planting and plaque unveiling all took place in Croft to celebrate the centenary of the Federation of Cheshire Women’s Institute (WI).

The centenary was in 2020 but due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances, it had to be suspended.

The Tree Planting Challenge at All Cheshire Federation WI was defined by President Jean Harding as an environmentally friendly way to celebrate the work and membership of the WI.

So the Croft Women’s Institute (WI) got down to work and chose a wild apple tree to be one of the most eco-friendly varieties for both wildlife and the environment.

Croft WI also came up with the idea of ​​burying a time capsule that would be located next to the century-old tree.

Placed in the capsule was a “Welcome to Croft WI” handout, the WI Life Magazines 2020 program, a copy of Jerusalem, Cheshire News Nov / Dec 2020, Membership List, Lockdown Newsletter, Cookbook, President’s Speech 2020 , speech of the secretary / committee 2020, speech of the treasurer 2020 and activity report 2020/21 minutes of the annual meeting February 2021.

Refreshments were served in the memorial hall after the ceremony, where product displays were on display.

And the tree is planted Photos: Steve Grimshaw

Roger Lamming was present that day, the man responsible for all the digging work involved and the upkeep of the tree for several months before planting.

Anne Lamming, President of Croft WI, said: “I identified a piece of land on which I wanted to plant the tree, but no one seemed to know who it belonged to. The council maintains it as it is next to the highway, but it does not own it.

“It took a lot of emails throughout 2018 and 2019 to get absolutely nowhere! Then came the pandemic. As life began to open up again, I contacted Croft Parish Council to request permission to plant the tree.

Croft WIs plaque - Photos: Steve Grimshaw

Croft WI Plate – Photos: Steve Grimshaw

“Steven Broomhead was at the meeting as it was the first face-to-face meeting since March 2020. When my request came in he said to the parish council clerk ‘tell the lady to plant it’. It was planted the day after my authorization.

“The ceremony was very informal and light.

“Afterwards, refreshments were offered to the guests and then presented around the exhibits of the Croft WI product show.”

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