The young American Lubavitch community is formed in Jerusalem

A new community of Lubavitch youth is forming in Yerushalayim, holding weekly Shiurim and special events, including a recent Purim Katan event that drew more than 100 people. Full story

By Mordi Wolf
Photos: Liba Farkash

A new community of Lubavitch youth is forming in Yerushalayim, and their grassroots beginnings promise a bright future.

Until a year and a half ago, there was no specific center in the Holy City for young American Lubavitch. “For a while we had been looking for a sense of community and love,” a young mother, Ma’ayan Russell, commented. As more singles, couples and families move into the quaint streets of Yerushalayim, the need for a drop-in center is more vital than ever.

Recognizing this void, two young Lubavitch, Zalmy Moshkina local artist, and Israel New, slowly networked and built a nascent Lubavitch community. “We aim to create a community, fueled by individuals, encouraging young Lubavitch men and women to act as leaders in spreading Chassidus to a wider English-speaking audience,” Yisrael says.

The community hosts Shiurim weekly, facilitates chavrusas, and holds uplifting farbrengens for Hasidish Yomim Tovim. Until now, they rented a small space at 31 Nisim Bahar Street for Shabbos Minyanim, which they quickly outgrew.

On a typical Shabbat, dozens of men and women gather in the small display case for a beautiful Davening, followed by a happy Kiddush. “It gives us newly married couples a community and a place to connect,” says Chaim Andrusier, a current member from California. “I’m so grateful to this growing community for creating this amazing vibe, a home away from home.”

On Tuesday night, Shushan Purim Katan, The Shul, held their first epic event for the young Lubavitch contingency in Yerushalayim. Over a hundred people attended this mega party, celebrating the growth of their community in the spirit of “Tov Lev Mishte Tamid”. The event was coordinated and executed in true community style, from the bottom up, with countless young Lubavitchers contributing their expertise.

Orot VeKeilim, a melodic instrumental group fusing Eastern and Western style music, entertained those gathered with their distinctive uplifting niggunim. With an array of deluxe meats and wines, people socialized, danced and pledged to invest in the community’s future; it was indeed a memorable night.

“This event was everything we could have hoped for,” says Mochkin, a local artist. “We’ve generated vital buzz around our community, which we’ll build on moving forward.”

The event was done in collaboration with Rabbi Mendy and Lea Levitin and Lubavitch Youth Jerusalem – an organization dedicated to improving the material and spiritual well-being of Lubavitch youth visiting Yerushalayim – and generously sponsored by Paul and Tamar Azous.

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