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Dr Jennifer Ross had only had one appointment before meeting Tyler LeFevre in April 2014, while studying at Colorado State University veterinary school. She had always been career-focused and had little time for romance.

But she had time for the anime, which is what she was watching when she met Mr. LeFevre on the chat site. Chatango. Using aliases, the two began to communicate online. After a while, they moved to a private chat room.

“Of all the people I spoke to, she was hands down the nicest person,” said LeFevre, now 29, and a chef in Portland, Oregon.

Trust and kindness were big issues for Mr. LeFevre, who said he grew up in a “really violent environment” in Portland and spent almost four years in a youth correctional facility. He struggled with drugs and alcohol but got sober in 2006. Yet he was not interested in a relationship.

“I was like, ‘I’m a criminal’ and tried to get her to leave me alone,” he said. “She struggled not to end up talking to him more. I didn’t feel like I had to hide who I was.

Dr Ross, now 29 and currently doing volunteer vet work in Portland, also appreciated their relationship. “He was honest with me from day one,” she said. “He told me the day we found out the whole truth about himself, so there was nothing hidden.”

They found out that they both loved anime and sci-fi. She said she was especially happy when asked what color the sky was and he gave a “scientific answer on the automatic refraction of light and the absence of color instead of blue. “.

They chatted online for about a month, then switched to Skype. At the end of December 2014, she flew to Portland so that they could meet in person. He picked her up from the airport and they dropped her bags off at her hotel. Then he took her to his favorite places in town.

She was so nervous that she couldn’t speak for the first 12 hours. “He thought it was hilarious,” she said. “I was just in such a shock mode. He kept teasing me until I started to answer him.

Over the next few days, they visited the Saturday Market, Portland City Grill Restaurant, Powell’s Bookstore, and the top of the KOIN Tower, with 360-degree views of the city. It was there that he asked her to be his girlfriend and they shared their first kiss.

She met her parents, Troy and Melinda LeFevre, and he met her older brother, Brad Ross, who “turned out” to be visiting friends in Portland that same weekend. (He was really there to check on that stranger his sister was visiting.) “My brother questioned him and then loved him,” Dr Ross said.

The couple continued remotely for the following years, until she graduated from school and moved to Oregon after graduation in 2015.

“Going through veterinary school is emotionally and physically draining,” she said. “He was so encouraging and wonderful.”

He proposed on June 3, 2019 in the Fantasy section of the Powell Bookstore, and they chose May 10, 2020 as their wedding date because she liked symmetry. “Five times two is 10, and 10 times two is 20,” she said.

They were married that day at the White House in Portland, a bed and breakfast that offered a special wedding package, including a four-day stay. Because of the coronavirus, they were the only guests and had all the room.

Mr. LeFevre’s aunt, Trish Cowman, who has become Minister of Universal Life, officiated, along with six other friends in attendance. About 200 other people watched via Zoom, including her parents Jere and Ann Ross from San Francisco.

“I don’t think I could have found a better person for me,” said LeFevre. “She’s the reason I’m successful at this point. She pushed me to learn to drive. She pushed me to start a trade rather than a job. If I hadn’t met Jen, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today because I would still be hiding who I was.


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