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The 3rd volume of the short story collection novel is released on December 19

ShueishaThe Jump J-Books website states that Hirohiko Arakiit is Thus spoke Rohan Kishibe (Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai) the spin-off manga is getting a third short story collection novel volume titled Kishibe Rohan wa Taorenai (Rohan Kishibe Does Not Fall), which will be released on December 19. Novelist Ballad Kitaguni is writing the short story collection novel, which will contain three different stories.

The first two volumes of novels in the short story collection were published continuously in June and July 2018. The first volume is titled Kishibe Rohan wa Sakebanai (Rohan Kishibe Doesn’t Scream, pictured right), with stories from Kitaguni, Yusuke Iba, Mirei Miyamoto and Ryo Yoshigami.

The second volume of the novel is titled Kishibe Rohan wa Tawamurenai (Rohan Kishibe doesn’t frolic), with stories by Kitaguni, Miyamoto, and Yoshigami. Araki is credited with the original story in all three novel volumes.

The Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan The 11th spin-off manga story titled “Dripping Gahō-hen” (Dripping Art Technique) debuted in Shueishait is ultra jump magazine on April 5, with its second part premiering on May 19.

NHK announced in August that the live-action miniseries of Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan receives a third payment on the NHK general in December.

The animation studio david’s production suitable two Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan stories like Original animated DVDs. The episode “Fugō Mura” (Millionaire Village) was available to people who purchased all 13 DVD or Blu-ray Disc volumes of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Diamond Is Unbreakable anime in 2017. The episode “Mutsukabezaka” (Mutsukabe Hill) was bundled with the manga’s second volume in 2018. Crunchyroll screened the overseas premiere of “Fugō Mura” at its Crunchyroll Expo event in August 2019. The studio david’s production then produced two new episodes, “Zange-shitsu” (Confessional Room) and “The Run”, which aired in nine screenings in six cities in Japan between December 2020 and March 2021.

netflix began streaming the anime globally in February 2021 with the lead actor Landon McDonald.

Source: Jump J-Books

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