Universal Studios Japan serves Sailor Moon and Case Closed-inspired treats

Every spring and every summer, Universal Studios Japan launches a new season of Cool Japan: a variety of rides, shows, events and experiences themed around the best entertainment Japan has to offer the world. Cool Japan hosted the Evangelion vs. Godzilla 4D functionality, a live Lupine the Third action show and a Case closed murder mystery theater, to name a few. This year’s attractions open next month – and the site has just launched a new menu of anime-inspired treats, so you can end your day at the park with a themed snack.

Sailor Moon will come back with a “deluxe version” of his second 4D film. The park’s new menu items based on the Magical Girl classic are equally sophisticated and include parfaits, cakes and gummies. There’s also a full lunch box, complete with a Tuxedo Kamen burger and a little rose.

Sailor Moon Snacks

There are coffee treats for Case closed fans too, including one in the shape of Conan’s signature red bow tie:

Closed snack bar

In addition to new treats, there are new products for both: hair bows, toy cars and take-out treats for Case closed:

Detective Conan Merchandise

Detective Conan Merchandise

And no more hair bows, towels and henshin items inspired by Sailor Moon:

Sailor Moon Merchandise

Sailor Moon Merchandise

Universal Cool Japan 2022 will run from March 4 at August 28 at the Osaka-based theme park. Also on the program this year are attractions based on Hunter X Hunter, The attack of the Titansand monster hunter world.

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