Where to watch and read Platinum End

From the creators of Death Note, Platinum End is an angelic battle royale in its original manga and anime form.

Created by true manga legends, end of platinum is a divine supernatural battle royale, offering epic action and stakes of angelic proportions. Featuring a young man whose life is forever changed by his guardian angel, it quickly becomes a gruesome battle for the deity itself.

Concluding last year in its original manga iteration, end of platinum got bigger than ever thanks to its still recent anime adaptation. Appealing to action anime fans as well as anyone who’s checked out the creators’ previous works from the source material, it’s no surprise that it quickly became a big deal in the streaming circuit. That said, here’s more information on what the series is about, as well as how fans can experience the anime and manga.

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The plot of Platinum End

Wings Platinum Fin Mirai Nasse

end of platinum is about teenage orphan Mirai Kakehashi, who lives a discouraged life with her abusive aunt and uncle. After trying to end his life, he is stopped by Nasse, his guardian angel. Given supernatural powers by the angel, Mirai demands justice on her aunt and uncle, though this is not the extent of using these abilities.

Mirai soon learns that he has now entered some sort of tournament that will decide who will become God’s successor. The other contestants have powers similar to Mirai’s, though that’s where their similarities end. Determined to replace God at any cost, these beings will do anything to ensure their victory, with neither Mirai nor anyone else standing in their way. This makes their violent ambitions a threat to both Mirai and the world at large, as he is caught in the crossfire of a battle to become godlike.

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Where to read the Platinum End manga

the end of platinum manga started in 2015 in Skip Comics SQ, and it is the creation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Although they are not necessarily household names, their works are loved by anime and manga fans. These include the series Bakuman and particularly Death threatthe latter of which is still fondly remembered by Adult Swim fans everywhere.

end of platinum ran from 2015 to early 2021, with all of its chapters compiled into 14 manga volumes. Licensed in the West by Viz Media, the entire series is available from various retailers and services. The series can be read on the Viz Media website, as well as digitally through Comixology. Likewise, physical versions can be ordered through Amazon and Right Stuf Anime, as well as purchased from Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and other physical stores.

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Where to Watch Platinum End Anime

Signal.MD. produced the end of platinum anime, which was announced during the Jump Festa ’21 online event. Premiering in October of the same year, the series is so far scheduled for 24 episodes, 15 of which have aired so far. It is unknown if this is just the first of several seasons or if the series will adapt the whole story in one season.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for watching the show, because end of platinum can be streamed through a myriad of different services. These include Hulu, Funimation, VRV, and Crunchyroll, with the latter also providing the series with an English dub. Considering all the streaming platforms it’s on, watching the end of platinum anime might be the most convenient way to enjoy the story.

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