Yo-kai Watch World Smartphone Game Ends Service in December – News

Location-based augmented reality game launched in June 2018

The official site of Level 5 and Gun-Ho Entertainment Yo-kai Watch World The smartphone game announced on Wednesday that the game will end service on December 23 at noon (10:00 a.m. EST).

The game has already stopped selling its YD tokens and premium YD tokens in in-game currency, and the companies will stop offering the game in app stores on December 23. Even after the service ends, users can still use the app’s Yo-kai Encyclopedia. , Photo mode and other features. However, the companies will take down the game’s website and officially stop offering support on February 21, 2023.

The game was released in Japan in June 2018. The game is a location-based smartphone AR (augmented reality) game for the Yo-kai Watch franchise.

The game allows players to befriend, collect, and battle yo-kai, and also features world-unique systems of Yo-kai Watch, such as allowing the yo-kai to “own” other players. Yo-kai who own other players can travel with them even to distant places and can bring back items and other yo-kai from places players cannot visit. The game contains yo-kai that can only be captured in specific regions.

Yo-kai Watchthe new television anime series from Yo-kai Watch franchise, premiered on April 9. The new show features unique and returning Yo-kai. The comedy also focuses on the main characters from the original series: Keita (Nate in the English version), the fifth-grade student, the ghostly butler Whisper, and popular Yo-kai like Jibanyan and Komasan. The original actors of these four characters are back for this new series.

Source: Yo-kai Watch World Games website Going through Hachima Kiko

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